Saban Hints At Interest In Owens

As Drew Rosenhaus looks for a soft place for Terrell Owens to land, Miami could become a candidate. Dolphins' coach Nick Saban appears open to the idea, but there are future obstacles on the horizon.

Not everybody was pleased when Ricky Williams was allowed to rejoin the Miami Dolphins, but Nick Saban figured anybody who might be able to help was welcome. The same was true when he brought David Boston to town. He still holds to that attitude as he again looks to the possibility of bringing a controversial player to his team. In a radio interview, Saban hinted that he was interested in Terrell Owens. When asked if he might be interested, he responded with "I think we're interested in anybody who might make our team better." He talked glowingly of Owens abilities and the fact that the Dolphins might be able to use a receiver like Owens.

The real news though is that he stopped short of expressing definite interest in Owens. In other words, all things would have to be right for the deal to make sense for Saban and the Dolphins. "We might be interested," said Saban.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins might run into a problem that any team interested in bringing Owens to their city could encounter; locker room reaction. At least three members of the Dolphins went on record as saying that Owens wouldn't be welcome on their team. Wide receiver Chris Chambers, tight end Randy McMichael and defensive end Jason Taylor don't want Owens on their squad. "I don't need that virus," said McMichael in a Miami area radio interview. "The guy destroyed two locker rooms already and it's just a matter of time until it happens again."

For now, the Dolphins are focused on finding a new offensive coordinator to replace Scott Linehan who took the head coaching job in St. Louis. Ironically, the man that Linehan replaced, Mike Martz, is a candidate to replace Linehan in Miami.


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