Vikings Prompt Second Front Office Promotion

The Philadelphia Eagles are obviously happy with their front office and coaching staff. While they allowed Brad Childress to take the head coaching job in Minnesota, they told him that he wasn't allowed to take any of the Eagles' assistants with him. Now, for the second time this off-season, the Eagles have promoted a player personnel staff member to prevent them from heading to Minnesota.

Earlier this off-season, Minnesota was interested in Eagles vice president of player personnel Tom Heckert. The Eagles blocked the move by giving Heckert a new title - General Manager - and a promotion, presumably with a nice raise. Now, they've promoted assistant director of player personnel Jason Licht to Heckert's old job to prevent Minnesota from hiring him away. The Vikings were interested in both men to take over as their personnel boss.

The Vikings hired Childress immediately after the season, but with the order that he wouldn't be allowed to tap into the Eagles' coaching staff. The birds did allow him to take assistant trainer Eric Sugarman to take over as the Vikings head trainer.

Immediately after the season, the Vikings had focused on Heckert to be their personnel chief and Childress to be their coach. They pursued Childress aggressively and actually convinced him to stay in town to continue meeting with them rather than leaving for other interviews that he had scheduled. The Vikings were convincing enough to get Childress signed quickly, but Heckert turned them down after receiving the promotion from the Eagles.

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