Senior Bowl 2006: Eagles Watch The Defense

Mobile, AL - Teams hot on the trail of prospects, like puppies waiting to be served water and lapping it up quickly when it arrives. That is the scene at the Riverview Plaza Hotel in Mobile, AL as Senior Bowl week kicks off. As for the Eagles, they're looking to lead a big dog to their particular water dish.

The Eagles blew into Mobile, Alabama Sunday looking for help on defense. Before long, the birds had seemingly tipped their hand that they may have some interest in Tennessee defensive lineman Jesse Mahelona. Of course, the Eagles aren't the only teams interested in the 6' 2", 300 pound monster. The Patriots quickly hunted down Mahelona as did the Jacksonville Jaguars. Rest assured though that the Eagles have an interest in pursing the 2005 Playboy Pre-Season All-American.

The New England Patriots arrived in grand style on Sunday and were hot on the tail of numerous players. They were vigilant in taking aside the players and doing one-on-one interviews with them.

The focus of their intentions was clear from their pursuits, the offensive and defensive lines.

Besides Mahelona, the players corralled by the New England scouts included Stanford nose tackle Babatunde Oshinowo and Oklahoma defensive lineman Dusty Dvoracek.

The birds may also be on the Dvoracek bandwagon before too long.

With their looks at defensive linemen it makes you wonder what the future holds for Richard Seymour.

On the offensive side of the ball the Patriots spoke at length with Pittsburgh tackle Charles Spencer, a player that many project to guard, and Ryan Cook, a lineman out of New Mexico.

The Patriots gave up more knockdowns this year than Tom Brady has faced over the last three seasons.

The Miami Dolphins were also among the teams talking to Dvoracek. Max Jean-Giles also drew interest from Miami as they know that Hudson Houck worked his magic again last year and would love to upgrade a few positions.

Atlanta continued to be a visible presence on the Riverview Plaza concourse. There was no limit to their attractions as they spoke with Iowa linebacker Chad Greenway, a player former Buckeye Matt Roth called a top three pick, and Auburn wide receiver Anthony Mix. The franchise is still trying to find the right mix for the position, and most importantly someone who will be comfortable with Mike Vick.

The Kansas City Chiefs were a little late in their arrival to the procession but stuck to their approach of face-to-face time with the prospect they are interested in. LSU defensive lineman Kyle Williams was among the targets on the first day and the Chiefs are usually one of the more active teams on Monday and Tuesday.

The Green Bay Packers, in dire need of offensive line help to help their quarterback find time in the pocket, spoke to Boise State specimen Daryn Colledge. While he played left tackle for the Broncos, Colledge may be moved inside due to his lack of ideal height.

The Chicago Bears were still on the rampage on Sunday, showing love to tight end Mercedes Lewis. A top tier tight end would be a nice compliment to a wide receiving unit that showed a lot of promise late in the year. The Bears have been looking for a threat at tight end since the days of Mike Ditka more than 40 years ago. The offense needs to improve in the passing game and giving Rex Grossman a tight end that makes an opposing defense account for his ability would be a safety net for the quarterback.

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