Tensions Running High at Senior Bowl

During the South squad's practice on Monday, the tempo was quick and even chippy among "teammates." The 49ers staff, overseeing the South team, complained they did not have enough time during their drill periods. The end result was practice actually being extended 15 minutes.

There was no holding back on the offensive and defensive line for either side. Practices might have been deemed just shorts and shells, but spirited heavy contact commenced in both practice sessions. The culmination was a fracas between South members Miami left tackle Eric Winston, and Alabama defensive end Mark Anderson.

What began as a simple one-on-one passing drill became quite heated. The gist of the problem began with a shove after the whistle. As Anderson pulled off of his pass rush once the coach's whistle blew, Winston made sure to "finish" his block with one last punch to his back. Anderson, obviously displeased with the extra curricular shove, turned around and fired into Winston's chest. The coaching staff regained control before the situation escalated, but jawing back and forth continued for the next few minutes.

During the drill, a couple more "pleasantries" were given back and forth before it was all said and done. These fiery attitudes continued to be displayed during the inside running drill as the pads were cracking and no one was holding back (outside of the final tackle on the running backs). It certainly appears the players know what could be on the line for them during this week and are not getting short-changed in the aggression department.

Virginia Tech defensive tackle Kevin Lewis sustained what seemed to be an wrist injury during the North's practice. It was actually a groin injury and looks serious enough to keep Lewis from practicing the rest of the week.

Tennessee defensive back Jason Allen, who would've been playing in this game were it not for a major hip injury last season, is walking around the Senior Bowl hotel. Speaking with scouts this evening, Allen is showing no ill-effects from his injury.

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