Eagles Not Eager To Tip Their Hand

Some teams take somewhat of an in-your-face approach to talking to players at the Senior Bowl. Others - like the Eagles - prefer to kick back a little more and take in the whole scene rather than looking to corner a portion of the activity.

Don't be mistaken; The Eagles are in Mobile, Alabama and are taking a keen interest in watching players that they may consider in the NFL Draft. They're just not advertising who they're truly interested in, figuring that there's plenty of time to make their moves and get the information that they need.

The Eagles joined most of the other teams that arrived in Mobile on Sunday. Some teams were in a day early and got the jump on interviewing some players who they may have an interest in. The Eagles have talked to a few players, but have been a little more selective in who they approach. They have also approached players from various positions and don't appear to be focusing on any one position.

It's generally thought that the Eagles will look for help on defense when they make their first pick in the draft - the 14th overall pick - but some of that could depend on moves that they make between now and then. Privately, the Eagles are hoping to possibly add a pick or two if a deal can be worked out to send Terrell Owens elsewhere. They'll also entertain thoughts of moving up or down in the draft, although they seem somewhat set on adding to their roster through the draft.

The Eagles have talked to some offensive players at the Senior Bowl, including a couple of wide receivers, which is another area that they appear to be focusing on. It's likely though that they'll fill their need for a number one receiver either through a trade or free agency though and allow their younger receivers to battle for spots lower on the depth chart. Still, the Eagles aren't ignoring the receivers who will be available in the draft. Wide receiver Hank Baskett is one of the wideouts that the Eagles have approached.

Finally, there is the question of just when they will start to groom a successor to Donovan McNabb. It's likely a little early to start that process, but in keeping with covering a lot of ground, the Eagles have met with a couple of quarterbacks while in Mobile.

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