Broncos, Dolphins Discuss Who Goes Where

There are a couple of scenarios for the Eagles, Broncos and Dolphins to engage in some trade activity this off-season. It all centers around Terrell Owens and who wants him - or doesn't want him.

The Miami Dolphins were first in on looking at a deal to bring Terrell Owens to their club. Coach Nick Saban likes the idea, but some of his players were very vocal and very public about their opposition to having Owens in south Florida.

Then, last week, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan hinted at his team being able to handle a troubled, veteran player that other clubs couldn't handle in the clubhouse. He cited the veteran makeup of his club as a reason why Denver might be a good fit for such a player. On Monday, Shanahan and Broncos owner Pat Bowlen met with Owens and agent Drew Rosenhaus about a deal to make Owens that troubled player.

Things appeared to be a better fit in Denver. At least there weren't players talking out loud about not wanting Owens as part of their team. In fact, center Tom Nalen told the Denver Post that he thought Owens could be "absorbed" into the Broncos locker room.

Now, a third scenario has come up. Even though the Broncos had better numbers on the ground than they did in passing last season, Denver may turn their attention to Ricky Williams. The latest scenario has Williams coming to Denver and Owens winding up in Miami, seemingly swapping one troubled player for another. The theory is that the Dolphins players might see Owens as simply another Ricky Williams, who they were able to deal with last season. It's also thought that Denver owner Bowlen could accept Williams a little easier than he could Owens. Even with that, the trade scenario between Denver and Miami doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, since Denver doesn't need much help at the running back spot, with Mike Anderson gaining over 1,000 yards last season and Tatum Bell gaining over 900 yards on the ground. However, Anderson will turn 33 this year and it's thought that Bell could compete to steal his job and Anderson could be let go. In that scenario, Williams might make some sense.

The bottom line is that neither Denver or Miami are likely to offer much more than a low draft pick for Owens, but the Eagles aren't too concerned about what they get in the deal. They're more interested in simply getting something rather than getting absolutely nothing for Owens if they release him, which will happen if they can't deal him elsewhere. Ironically, both teams would be more interested in Owens if he were to agree to restructure his contract downward if a trade were to be completed. It was Owens request for a new, richer contract that started his discontent with the Eagles this past season. Reportedly, Owens and Rosenhaus haven't ruled out restructuring Owens contract to help him fit with another club.

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