Position Analysis: Quarterback

The Eagles look to Donovan McNabb to return to complete health and hopefully, stay that way in 2006. While hope springs eternal, McNabb's injury issues should at least prompt a search for a much better backup to probably the most important player on the Eagles roster.

Starter: Donovan McNabb
Backups: Mike McMahon, Koy Detmer, Andy Hall.

For the second time in the last four years, McNabb missed significant playing time due to injury. Hampered by a sports hernia, he started nine games before being forced to shut it down for the year. The injury and the distraction of the Terrell Owens soap opera affected McNabb's play. His completion percentage dropped below 60 percent and he threw more interceptions (9) in nine starts than he did in 15 (8) last season.

The Eagles brought McMahon in because they thought he would be a suitable backup to McNabb, but he played poorly in seven starts, completing just 45.4 percent of his passes. They appeared to have little faith in Detmer, who was kept behind McMahon on the depth chart even when McMahon struggled. Detmer only say limited duty in relief of McMahon when things got particularly tough. Andy Hall was pretty much of a non-entity and won't factor in to help in 2006.

None of the Eagles quarterbacks are eligible for free agency.

In looking for a backup, the Eagles will have a couple of names to consider through free agency. The one most talked about is Kurt Warner. It's thought though that Warner may look for one final shot at being a starting quarterback before settling for a backup job in Philly or anywhere else for that matter.

Doug Flutie, Jeff Blake, Jeff Garcia, Jon Kitna and Vinny Testaverde are also on the list, but some of them may look for starting jobs or could be re-signed by their current team before even hitting the market.

Eagles Quarterback comparison: 2005

McNabb 211 357 2507 59.1 7.0 16 9 19-112 85.0
McMahon 94 207 1158 45.4 5.6 5 8 19-96 55.2
Detmer 32 56 238 57.1 4.3 0 3 3-15 45.1
Totals 337 620 3677 54.4 5.6 21 20 42-226 71.5
Opponents 297 503 3323 59.0 6.3 24 17 29-184 82.2

Eagles Quarterback comparison: Career

McNabb 1718 2943 58.4 19,433 6.6 134 66 234/1462 84.1
McMahon 229 515 44.5 2867 5.6 15 21 55/338 55.1
Detmer 184 354 52.0 1944 5.5 10 14 12/77 61.2

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