McNabb Talks About A "little mouse"

Donovan McNabb has refused to talk about the Terrell Owens saga of 2005 - until now. In Detroit for the Super Bowl festivities, McNabb opened up to ESPN about Terrell Owens and how the whole situation infected the Eagles.

So, did Donovan McNabb really call Terrell Owens a "little mouse"? Well, McNabb says he wasn't talking about Owens, but it's a hard comment to ignore. Appearing on ESPN's NFL Live on Wednesday, McNabb talked candidly about the 2005 season. "We had an opportunity to go out and play well. Obviously, the injuries held us back, but once you put a little mouse in and it begins to eat up everything, it's all gone," said McNabb. He immediately backtracked from the statement, denying that he was referring to Owens as a "little mouse", but the comment was already out there. "I'm not using him and saying he's the mouse," insisted McNabb.

Even if you discount that comment, there was plenty that was undeniably meant to refer to Owens. When asked if Owens had caused too much of a problem for the Eagles to overcome, McNabb replied "It's easy to say injuries were the problem. But, I think (Owens) was the problem," said McNabb in his first comments about Terrell Owens. McNabb also admitted that Owens caused a split in the locker room that became a distraction to the team. "It had a big effect on the team. Whenever you walk in the locker room and see guys talking amongst themselves, and then you walk in and it gets quiet. That's the problem. You have to trust the guy next to you that he's going to do his job, I'm going to do my job and we're going to go out and have a great year," said McNabb. The Eagles quarterback also believes that the team still has to put the pieces together from a disastrous 2005 season.

As for Owens, the Eagles are allowing his agent, Drew Rosenhaus to work out a deal to trade the superstar wide receiver to another team. Tampa Bay, the New York Jets, Miami and Denver have all expressed interest. On Wednesday, the Chiefs were reported to have contacted Rosenhaus about possibly bringing Owens to Kansas City. The Chiefs did not have a wide receiver with double-digit touchdown receptions under Dick Vermeil, but that could all change under new head coach Herman Edwards. Many players believe Edwards is also the kind of coach that can rehabilitate wayward players and may be the right fit for Owens. Kansas City is not without talent at the wide receiver spot, with Eddie Kennison and a corps of young receivers all playing key parts, but Owens would certainly be the best of the group, as he would on most teams. It's expected that Edwards will try to meet with Owens and sell him on being able to assemble the kind of offense that could help Owens return to the top of the wide receiver rankings.

As for McNabb, he provided a two-word bit of advice for the Chiefs or any other team that winds up employing Owens; "good luck."


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