Eagle Profile: Mike Bartrum

Sometimes, players can be at their best and you don't even notice them. These are the guys that you notice most when they're not on the field, because routine things seem to go oh, so wrong. Mike Bartrum is one of those players that just makes things go smoother.

Let one little thing go wrong on a field goal, extra point or a punt and everything can fall apart. It's Mike Bartrum's job to make sure that doesn't happen and it generally all goes smoothly with him handling the long snaps on special teams.

Even though he endured somewhat of a long-snapping slump early in the season, including one snap that resulted in a blocked field goal against Kansas City, Bartrum has been steady. He's also been a key part of the offense on short-and-goal situations, catching two touchdown passes this season.

Bartrum is so effective in those short-and-goal situations, that just over half of his catches (6-of-11) have been for touchdowns. That distinction makes him the only player in NFL history to record six or more touchdown catches on fewer than 15 receptions.

Bartrum passed the 150 game mark this season and figures to be around for many more contests. What he doesn't figure on is changing his role. "I'm competitive and would like to be in a different situation, but I know what my role is," said Bartrum. Of course, he can always hold out hope. "Like I said, if they want to throw more responsibility my way, I'm up for it, but I'm just going to concentrate on doing my job as well as I possibly can, because that's how teams win."

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