Eagle Profile: Jamaal Jackson

Before, Jamaal Jackson was always on the other side of injuries; losing time and opportunity to other players. In 2005, Jackson got healthy and showed that, if he can stay that way, he can do a lot of good things for the Eagles.

Jamaal Jackson hadn't done anything to stand out on the Eagles roster. He had spent much of his time on the practice squad or injured. In 2005, Jackson took advantage of an injury to long-time starter Hank Fraley and showed that he can play in the NFL.

In the last couple games of the season, Jackson really did a nice job as teams tried to take advantage of Fraley's absence. Jackson, for the most part, responded well and showed a lot of strength in his new role as a starter. In all, Jackson made eight starts at center for the 2005 Eagles.

After getting an opportunity to play, Jackson comes into the off-season with more to prove ahead of himself. He's already started on a tough training regimen and looks to come into training camp with at least a shot at unseating the veteran Fraley.

Fraley signed with the Eagles in 2003 and spent the entire season on the practice squad, but was moved onto the active roster for the playoffs, but didn't see any playing time. Coming into 2004, it was thought that he would have a shot at being on the active roster, but a triceps muscle tear put him on IR and he didn't see any action. Like he has done this off-season, Jackson spent last off-season on a strict regimen and the results were definitely noticeable. He was on the active roster all season long in 2005 and started every game after Fraley's injury and subsequent placement on IR.

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