T.O. Lands On TV, Continues Shopping Himself

Some would say that Terrell Owens' stay in Philadelphia was a little like a bad reality TV show. Well, if it was, it gave T.O. good training for his new job as the host of a reality TV show. All of this comes amid his search for a new place to play in the NFL.

We had to see this coming. Terrell Owens has a new job in the ranks of reality TV. No, he's not the participant in some screwy NFL reality - he's still looking for that gig - he's the host of a new reality TV show to be produced by Banyan Productions.

On the show, Owens will "combine his passion for working out with his natural curiosity for other people," according to a press release from Banyan. "Terrell Owens is one of the most talked about and dominating athletes in all of sports. He's also honest, articulate and one of the most physically fit competitors in the country," said Banyan President Ray Murray.

Guests on the show will come from the worlds of sports, entertainment and politics and no subject will be off limits. Can't wait for that one.

Meanwhile, Owens and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, continue shopping Owens talents. Owens was in Denver last week and reportedly liked what he saw and heard. The Broncos appear to be the early front-runners, with the Dolphins starting to slip off the pace. One of the things that have hurt the Dolphins' chances are the public comments from various players about how disruptive Owens would be in their locker room. Meanwhile, Champ Bailey - also another Rosenhaus client - had good things to say about the prospects of Owens coming to Denver.

Kansas City and Tampa Bay are also thought to be very much in the hunt. There were rumblings that the Cowboys would be interested, but that would likely only have happened if Bill Parcells exited.

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