Is Tamba Hali On Eagles' Radar?

As things stand now, the Eagles don't have any Penn State products on their roster. The next one they add could possibly be Tamba Hali, which would not only fill a need, but be a popular pick for the team.

Tamba Hali saw his career turn around when he was shifted from defensive tackle to defensive end in 2004. While he was a good tackle, he's been dominating playing as a defensive end and was a main reason for the success of the Penn State defense.

The Eagles have a definite need for help on the defensive line and Hali could be available when the Eagles make their selection with the 14th overall pick in the draft this April. It's thought that there may be three defensive ends taken in the first round - Hali, Mathias Kiwanuka (Boston College) and Mario Williams (North Carolina State) - and Hali is generally thought to be sandwiched between the other two in talent. Odds are that at least one of the three will be there when the Eagles pick, but it's also generally thought that at least one of them will be gone. The one that will be gone figures to be Williams, but Hali could close the gap between now and the draft.

As for who is looking for a defensive end in round one, the Packers are thought to be eyeing Williams and it may be all but a lock that they'll grab him. The Jacksonville Jaguars are high on Hali, but they don't pick until number 28, so they're not an issue for the Eagles and neither are the Seahawks, who also figure to look for help on their defensive line.

As for Hali's talents, some scouts were a little disappointed in his performance in the Senior Bowl practices. The Eagles may be particularly concerned that he wasn't able to show a consistent and strong pass rushing ability throughout the week. With the Eagles having pitifully low pass rushing skills this past season, that's going to be a huge selling point for them in any player that they look at this off-season.

In general, Hali would be a pretty good fit for the Eagles and there's no doubt that he would be a popular choice. How Hali looks through the combines could be a determining factor in where he goes in the draft. The Eagles will definitely be watching, because they would have other options with that 14th pick. One would be to go with a defensive tackle instead, since the draft has a lot of talented tackles ready for the choosing. Right now, the Eagles will have to decide if Hali is worth that number 14 pick and how they feel about his ability to help their pass rush.

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