Healing Going Well For Three Eagles

The injury riddled Eagles of 2005 are starting to heal - slowly, but surely. Three main players who faced injuries are on the mend and all three - Donovan McNabb, Tra Thomas and Jerome McDougle - figure to be ready for the season.

Without question, Donovan McNabb's injuries were the ones that struck the biggest blow to the Eagles. First, they were nagging, but then, a sports hernia knocked him out for the season.

McNabb is hopeful of taking part in at least some of the Eagles' off-season programs. Whether or not he'll be ready for spring mini-camp remains a question mark, but he should be healthy by the time the Eagles report to Lehigh this summer. "I've taken big strides over the last six weeks. We have time and I don't need to rush things," said McNabb about his rehab from the season-ending surgery.

The off-season hasn't been kind to McNabb away from the game though. McNabb - along with teammate Jeremiah Trotter - were nabbed by a New Jersey woman who claimed their cars were among many parked in handicapped spots without proper tags. Both deny that their cars were parked illegally and are appealing their tickets. McNabb caused another controversy a week ago when he and his wife Roxi were whisked to the front of a long airport security line. People in line complained, but the McNabb's were let through. Part of the perks and price of fame.

As for Tra Thomas, he's actually ahead of schedule after back surgery shut him down. It's still not clear if he'll be healthy enough to take part in spring camp, but the Eagles aren't too concerned about that. Thomas should be good-to-go for Lehigh and back to protecting McNabb on the offensive line next season.

Then, there's Jerome McDougle. After being shot in the abdomen last summer. McDougle was making a remarkable recovery and was close to being activated during the season when scar tissue in his abdomen caused a problem and he had to be rushed back for a second surgery. That surgery caused him to miss the rest of the season and he lost a lot of weight during his recovery.

The good news is that McDougle has put all of the weight back on and is working out. He should be able to compete in the spring mini-camp and all is a go for the 2006 season.

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