Eagles Could Be Part Of Suit Against NFL

With the collective bargaining agreement in a crucial spot, some owners want to change the way revenue is shared among teams. The Eagles are one of about a half-dozen teams that don't want their local pie put into the NFL's bake sale.

Money generated from NFL games is at an all-time high and the players want a piece of the increasing action. With that in mind, one proposal is to increase the revenue sharing among the teams, taking a larger slice of money from teams that generate higher local revenues. One of the teams that would take a hit is the Philadelphia Eagles and they're not happy.

The Eagles are one of the teams considering a lawsuit if the league tries to cut into their local revenues - money from stadium naming rights, local radio deals and other revenue generated exclusively by the teams in their own market. The Eagles, along with Washington, New England, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Chicago and Cleveland bring in far more local revenues than other teams in the league, but it's unclear how many of those teams would join the proposed suit.

The owners of the wealthiest clubs believe that taking money from their local revenue stream would be supporting teams that are poorly run or aren't in viable markets. The "league of eight" have pulled away from the 24 other teams in the league in income, thanks largely to their local revenue. The teams with less local revenue argue that the sharing plan is necessary to keep competitive balance in the league.

Now, with the owners and players working on a new labor deal and the owners split amongst themselves, the possibility of a work stoppage in the NFL is looming large.

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