NFL Combine Interview: Reggie Bush

USC running back Reggie Bush has long been anointed the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. But people can dream, as seen by some questions wondering how he would feel in New Orleans or Tennessee. What goes into being taken first overall – Bush has an idea.

On being picked by the New Orleans Saints:

Reggie Bush: It does not make a difference to me. This is a dream for me, playing in the NFL. Obviously, I would like to be the first pick but at the same time the team does not make a difference.

On possibly being reunited with Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator and former USC coordinator Norm Chow (third overall pick):

Reggie Bush: Like you said, being reunited with Coach Chow. He is a great coach, a guy I had a chance to play for and know very well. He is a great coach. I would love to play with coach Chow again.

On how important is it for you to be the first pick:

Reggie Bush: This is about competing right now. I am competing to be the first pick. It would be very important for me. I am doing everything I can to position myself to be the number one draft pick.

On locking up the number one spot:

Reggie Bush: I haven't done any of my testing yet so that will play a part in it. Just doing everything the right way from the little things to the big things as far as my interviews, workouts, my forty times. Everything that is going to play into the teams and organizations choosing who they want to be the number one pick.

On spending time with Houston Texans:

Reggie Bush: I have not done any of my team interviews yet. I had a chance to meet with some of the guys but it was very brief – introduce myself to them and vice versa.

On being second number one overall pick in a row from same high school (Alex Smith – QB – San Francisco):

Reggie Bush: Me and Alex never knew this was possible. It would be great for our school, our high school and San Diego. I have been talking about this day since all the way back in Pop Warner.

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