Owens To Dallas Is Worst-Case Scenario

Terrell Owens dealt the Eagles a blow when he started talking about wanting to renegotiate his contract and threatening to become a locker room distraction. It's possible that the other shoe will drop if the Eagles can't work out a deal to send Owens to a team outside of the division.

We all know what Terrell Owens is like and we all know what Drew Rosenhaus is like. They love drama and they love controversy. With that in mind, there may be one more piece of drama that could play out in the Owens trade/release scenarios that are floating around.

On Friday, Rosenhaus met with Cowboys coach Bill Parcells and in fact, the two had lunch together at the NFL Combines in Indianapolis. They could have met behind closed doors, but what drama is there to that? Instead, they were right there for all to see, but neither confirmed what the lunch conversation was all about. You have to know though that Owens name would come up.

Early on, the Cowboys were said to be interested in Owens and that owner Jerry Jones loved Owens style of play and wanted him in Dallas. Then, it looked like teams may be interested in working out a deal to trade for Owens and the Cowboys backed off, for several reasons. They didn't want to get Owens with the contract that he has with the Eagles, preferring instead to renegotiate a different deal and they also knew that the Eagles wouldn't be looking to send Owens elsewhere in the division, setting up two reunions with the wide receiver each season.

Now, teams are backing off on dealing for Owens, preparing to do battle with each other to get him as a free agent when the Eagles release him. Since the situation has changed, the Cowboys interest is again high.

If there is a deal to be made - and it doesn't appear that there is anything close to getting done - the Eagles need to make it happen to keep Owens out of Dallas. If not, once he hits free agency, the Cowboys will join Denver, Kansas City, Miami and possibly, Tampa Bay in trying to get Owens to sign with them. Even the Denver Broncos, who have been very open about their interest in Owens, appear content to take their chances through signing Owens as a free agent rather than trading for him.

Now is the time for the Eagles to be pro-active in pursuing a deal. No more simply letting Rosenhaus look for a deal - which was probably more of just him looking for which team would give the most to a free Owens rather than looking for a trade - now, the Eagles have to actively lineup bidders for Owens to see if they can get something in return and keep him out of the NFC East.

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