Sunday Combine Notes: Eagles Stay Busy

Five players confirmed interest in them from the Eagles on Sunday. The group includes one offensive lineman, two linebackers, a defensive lineman and a defensive back. We've got the details on who they talked to and how those players are doing at the NFL Combine.

Players of interest to the Eagles

Gerris Wilkinson/LB/Georgia Tech

- Checked in at 6'3,/233 pounds.
- Teams are trying to figure out where to play him. Figures he'd be a strong-side lienbacker in a 4-3 and inside in a 3-4 scheme.
- Played at 229 pounds. Most teams wants him to put on 10 to 15 pounds.
- Played a lot of zone in college.
- Describes himself as a sideline-to-sideline player.
- Feedback from the Senior Bowl says his weakness is 1-on-1 coverage of tight ends.
- Talked to the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals at the Senior Bowl.
- Has met with the Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins so far.

Gabriel Watson/DL/Michigan

-Measured in at 6-3/314 pounds.

-Has talked to the Bengals, Eagles, Giants, Rams, Falcons, Jets, Raiders, and Saints so far.

-Did 36 reps for his bench press.

-Said one of his greatest strengths is the way he learns during a game and adapts to what's going on live in the game.

Kelly Jennings/DB/Miami

-Measured in at 5'11/178 pounds.

-Will do a full workout except the bench press because he strained a pectoral muscle recently.

-Feels his quickness and speed will help raise his stock. Said he doesn't think most teams realize how fast he is. Plans to run a 4.45 or better.

-Has talked to the Falcons, Bills, Cardinals, Eagles and Cowboys so far. Also talked with the Patriots at the Senior Bowl.

Kevin Simon/LB/Tennessee

-Measured in at 5'10/235 pounds.

-He has met with the Dolphins, Broncos, Eagles, and Panthers.

-Feels he can go to any NFL team and start right away. Played all three LB positions at Tennessee.

-He's not going to do the 40, vertical jump, or long jump here.

-Described his strengths as his aggressiveness, instincts, and knowledge of the game. Also feels his personality will come across well during interviews and work to his advantage.

-He thinks his position drills, shuttle, and 225 reps will help distinguish him.

-Has had some injury history, but said he is telling teams he had a good senior season and is feeling fine. Doing well with his physicals.

Charles Spencer/G-T/Pittsburgh

- Has talked with the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals. The Cowboys are showing the most serious interest.

Charles Spencer talks about his versatility.

Players who have not confirmed talking to the Eagles and various other notes from the NFL Combines.

40 Times:

Reggie McNeal/QB/Texas A&M: 4.38 || 4.43

Todd Watkins/WR/BYU: 4.45 || 4.44

Jeff Webb/WR/San Diego State: 4.48 || 4.45

Sinorice Moss/WR/Miami (Fl): 4.39 || Quad Injury

Hubert Walker/WR/Central Missouri State: 4.53 || 4.55

Practice Notes:

Hubert Walker/WR/Central Missouri State: Weighed in at 240 pounds and looked great in pass catching drills.

Greg Jennings/WR/Western Michigan: Looked good in practice.

Erik Meyer/QB/Eastern Washington: Looked good in practice.

Greg Blue/S/Georgia

- Will do a full workout.
- Said Georgia just recruits guys who works hard.
- Likes the label of being a big hitter, and appreciates the skills of former Oakland Raider DB Jack Tatum.
- Played mostly Cover-2 or 3 or covered tight ends.
- Says he needs work on his coverage skills because he didn't do much of that.
- Thinks most of the big-time safeties are big hitters.

D'Qwell Jackson/LB/Maryland

- Measured in at 6'0 4/8/230 pounds.
- Says every team wants to see how he runs.
- Expects to run in the 4.5 range.
- Feels he had an advantage in coverage with his position coach being a former defensive backs coach.
- Was part of a 3-4 defense at Maryland.
- Said his mental preparation is one of his strengths.
- Has spoken with the Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings so far.

Brandon Johnson/LB/Louisville

- Checked in at 6'4/228 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Played in the East-West Shrine game.
- Has always played in the 4-3 defense.
- Said he needs to get bigger. Played at 224 pounds.
- Likes the NFL game of Cato June and Derrick Brooks.
- Has interviewed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders.

Chad Greenway/LB/Iowa

- Checked in at 6'2 ½/242 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Said his best asset is his versatility.
- Played weakside linebacker at Iowa. Would play outside in a 3-4 defense.
- Iowa was the only Division I offer he received.
- Tore his ACL his freshman year and was playing in a Big Ten game four months after surgery.
- Did 16 reps at 225 pounds.
- Expects to run under 4.6 in the 40.
- Said he didn't blitz much in college.
- Played nine-man football in high school in Mt. Vernon, S.D.
- Parents own a farm, where they have hogs, cows.
- San Francisco 49ers were his favorite team growing up because of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.
- Call Chris Perry the toughest running back he faced.
- Says his style is similar to Brian Urlacher, although not at his level.
- Has talked with the Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants.

Roger McIntosh/LB/Miami-Fla.

- Measured in at 6-2/237 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Says he needs to work on his upper body strength and getting off blocks.
- His best asset is his speed; runs about a 4.4 40.
- Played on the tight end a lot.
- Played on the strong side or in the middle.
- Says he's a "tweener" at the linebacker positions.

A.J. Hawk/LB/Ohio State

- Measured in at 6'1/248 pounds.

- Bench press: 24 reps

- Will do a full workout. Didn't want to wait until Pro Day because he feels the Combine is part of what you've been working for.

Keith Ellison/LB/Oregon State

- Measured in at 6-1 and 235 pounds.

- Will do a full workout.

- Most people see him more as an inside linebacker, but he has experience at both.

- Really wants teams to know he's a high-character guy.

- His kickoff coverage and punt coverage skills will be an asset at the pro level.

- Feels he gets out in coverage well.

- Needs to work on shedding blockers.

Anthony Schlegel/LB/Ohio State

- Measured in at 6'0/250 pounds.

- Says he is a straight inside linebacker that can play 3-4 or 4-3.

- Will do full workouts.

- Wants to show his sideline-to-sideline speed at the Combine and prove that he can run.

- So far he's only met with the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints.

Bobby Carpenter/LB/Ohio State

- Measured in at 6'2 ½/256 pounds.

- Ankle problem will keep him from working out, but will be ready for his Pro Day.

- Said the ankle is coming along but it's still gets sore the day after he works out.

- Has played inside linebacker earlier in his career but feels he's best on the edge.

- Met with 12 teams but didn't specify who he met with.

Ernie Sims/LB/Florida State

- Measured in at 5-11 ¾ and 231 pounds.

- Will do a full workout.

- Has met with the Vikings, Falcons and Bucs.

- Was a strongside backer at Florida State but thinks he projects better as a weakside linebacker at the pro level.

- Has a reputation of throwing his body around on the field and says he goes out with the attitude of punishing people.

Donte Whitner/S/Ohio State

- Measured in at 5'10/204 pounds.
- Decided to come out early because wanted to go against the best players in the country.
- Will do a full workout.
- NFL gave him a second-round grade.
- Calls Philadelphia Brian Dawkins one of his favorite players.
- Said Ohio State has an NFL style of defense with it's adjustments on the fly.
- Played nickel back three years and came to OSU as a cornerback.
- Managed to get 73 tackles, nine tackles-for-loss and four sacks behind a great linebacker corps.
- Compares his game to Indianapolis' Bob Sanders.
- Has met with the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs.

Derrick Martin/CB/Wyoming

- Measured in at 5'10/202 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Expects to go between the second and fourth rounds. NFL returned a grade of third or fourth round.
- Declared early because teams had already begun throwing to the other side of the field and didn't want to see his stats suffer more.
- Hoping to run a 4.3 to 4.4 in the 40.

Nate Salley/S/Ohio State

- Measured in at 6-1/216 pounds.
- Likes being down near the line of scrimmage.
- Talks with former Buckeye CB Will Allen about once a week and keeps in contact with S Mike Doss.
- Played basketball and long jump in high school.
- Hopes to run the 40 in the low 4.5s, saying he's never been known as a speed guy.
- Has talked with the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders, and New York Giants.

Bernard Pollard/S/Purdue

- Checked in at 6'1/224 pounds.
- Not sure if he'll do the full workout, depending on how he feels.
- Will do all the defensive back drills.
- Played a lot of Cover-2 and quarters in college.
- Didn't blitz a lot.
- Has interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, and the Indianapolis Colts.

Richard Marshall/CB/Fresno State

- Checked in at 5'11/189 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Hopes to run the 40 in the low 4.4s to maybe 4.3.
- Played mostly quarters and man defense.
- Says he can play all styles of defense.
- When asked who was the toughest receiver he's faced, he said "There really wasn't anybody that tough."
- Received a projection of the second or third rounds from the NFL.
- Has interviewed with the Miami Dolphins.

Pat Watkins/S/Florida State

- Measured in at 6-4, 211 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Believes his size will attract NFL teams.
- Was a gunner on punt team and blocked kicks.
- Played both on and off the line.
- Has played mainly free safety, but played strong safety at the Senior Bowl.
- Ran track and played basketball in high school.
- Says he's a first-day guy.

Marcus Maxey/CB/Miami (Fl)

- Checked in at 6'1 ¾/198 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Went to Miami because he thought it gave him the best chance to win a national championship.
- Has spoken with the Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, and Detroit Lions.
- Hoping to go in the first or second round.
- Said teams like his versatility; plays against inside and outside receivers and has played safety.
- Played a lot of press coverage.
- Said the toughest wideout he faced in the ACC was his teammate, Sinorice Moss.
- Played safety his first two years, but is viewed as more of a cornerback.
- Characterizes himself as a laid-back guy who likes to hang out and watch movies.

DeMario Minter/DB/Georgia

- Measured 5-11, 190 pounds.
- Played around 195 pounds.
- Said people don't know how fast he is.
- Will do a full workout.
- Was hearing he'd be drafted early in the second round.
- People question him about his lack of interceptions, but he said he had a lot of passes broken up.
- People like his physical nature.
- Was all-state in track in high school, but feels he lost a little speed with the weight he gained in college.
- Has interviewed with the San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jimmy Williams/CB/Virginia Polytech Institute

- Measured in at 6'2/213 pounds.
- Will do the defensive back drills, but no running or lifting.
- Considers himself the top cornerback in the draft and a top-10 pick.
- More comfortable at cornerback.
- Feels he's the best defensive back in the country.
- Has been playing cornerback for two years and practicing it for three years.
- Talked to coaches about making the switch from safety to cornerback in his sophomore year.
- Played safety and quarterback in high school.
- On his trash talk: "I need you guys; I need the media."
- Like hitting—says he knocked six players out of games this year.
- Nicknamed "Dubb."

Ko Simpson/S/South Carolina

- Checked in at 6'0/209 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Says Ed Reed and Troy Polumalu changed the way safeties play the game.
- Coaches want him to be more vocal.
- Played in a 4-3 man defense.
- Declared early because he felt his skills after two years showed he was ready.
- Has covered mostly tight ends and running backs when matched in coverage.
- Liked playing for a "laid-back" Steve Spurrier.
- Says his ball skills are his strength.
- Views Ed Reed as the model safety.
- Hasn't played cornerback at all.
- Trains in New Jersey.

Alan Zemaitis/CB/Penn State

- Measured in at 6-1, 195 pounds.
- Will not work out; wants to feel comfortable in familiar surroundings.
- Pro Day is March 16.
- Is working out in Phoenix, trying to improve his explosion.
- Ran a 4-3, Cover-2.
- Can play press man, just tries to disguise the coverage.
- Hopes to run a 4.4 at his March 16 Pro Day.
- Confident in his ability to react to the ball.

Roman Harper/DB/Alabama

-Measured in at 5-11 7/8/199 pounds.

-He described himself as a good cover guy who enjoys covering the slot.

-Fractured his leg his senior year in high school but hasn't had major injuries since.

-Played quarterback, but joked that he set that aside for Brody Croyle and played in the secondary for the team.

-He said he likes playing free safety, but said he is being told that with the way he hits he could play strong safety at the pro level.

Jason Allen/DB/Tennessee

-Measured in at 6-0 7/8/210 pounds.

-Will do a full workout except the defensive back drills.

Charlie Peprah/DB/Alabama

-Has talked to the Lions, Falcons, Giants, Panthers, Dolphins, and Raiders so far. He said he talked to the Patriots at the East-West Shrine game.

-Described himself as a physical back who is not afraid to get in his opponent's face.

-Some teams are looking at him as a safety in addition to cornerback.

Darnell Bing/DB/USC

-Measured in at 6'2/227 pounds.

-He said he will do all workouts except the 40.

-He described himself as a back who is big and physical with speed. Says he also possesses good ability to make big hits.

Danieal Manning/DB/Abilene Christian

-Measured in at 5'10 and 202 pounds.

-Has talked to the Colts, Chiefs, Bears, Seahawks, Jets, Cowboys, Jets, and Bills.

-Teams primarily looking at him at cornerback, safety and as a returns specialist although he has played numerous positions.

Dwayne Slay/DB/Texas Tech

-Measured in at 6'3 ½/217 pounds.

-Will do a full workout.

-Has talked to the Redskins, Texans, Dolphins, and Broncos so far.

-The thing he wants teams to know most during his interviews is that he's a man of character and community oriented.

Chijioke Onyenegecha/DB/Oklahoma

-Measured in at 6'2/216.

-Thinks his size, strength, speed and man-to-man coverage skills are his top attributes.

-Main aspect of his game he wants to showcase here is his speed.

-Has talked to the Raiders, Bengals and Panthers so far.

Dee Webb/DB/Florida

-Measured in at 5'10/183 pounds.

-Will be doing full workout except the bench press.

-Believes practicing against Chad Jackson every day helped raise his game.

-Dislocated his shoulder in August, 2005. Said it feels fine, but had a routine MRI here to prove that to the teams.

-Has played on special teams since his freshman year and feels he excels at blocking punts and field goals.

Jon Alston/LB/Stanford

-Measured in at 6006/223 pounds.

-After he got back from the Senior Bowl, he got food poisoning and dropped ten pounds. He's been putting it back on.

-He may get consideration as a safety and said he has the range, hips and athleticism to do it, but not the playing experience.

-Said he has played on all special teams during his collegiate career and feels that's an asset for a rookie.

-6 ½ sacks as a senior. 21 ½ sacks during his career.

- He said he played more defensive end in the 3-4 during his senior year even though being light for that. Has experience at SAM and rush defensive end.

-Has casually talked to the Patriots, but no official interview.

Thomas Howard/LB/UTEP

-Measured in at 6033 and 239 pounds.

-Was coached by Mike Singletary at UTEP, feels that has helped him tremendously.

- He hasn't had any interviews yet.

-He said his strengths are rushing the passer and said that he'd like to work in a 3-4 rushing off the edge.

-Said his top attributes are his confidence, being a quick learner, and his commitment to never giving up.

Frostee Rucker/DL/USC

-Measured in at 6'3/267 pounds.

-Says he's a disciplined player who won't try to make a play out of position to make himself look good at the possible expense of the team.

-He said he will do full workout except the bench press.

-He has talked at least casually with all the teams.

-He feels his attitude on the field shows that he's a good leader and very aggressive.

Elvis Dumervil/DE/Louisville

- Measured in at 5-11/257 pounds.

- He said he just tries to do his best with the height and weight he's been given.

- His dad was 5-7 and played soccer.

- Has been working out in Los Angeles on his speed and change of direction.

- Some teams are interested in him as a linebacker, a position he hasn't played since the little league.

- Says anticipation is his strength.
- Liked Derrick Thomas growing up and now likes the Colts' Dwight Freeney.
- Comes from a military family and said he "got kicked around" by his eight brothers.

- Believes his name came from his mother's interest in Elvis Presley.

- Had 10 forced fumbles last year.

Timothy Day/TE/Oregon

- Checked in at 6-3 ½, 256 pounds.

- Did 24 reps of 225 pounds on the bench.

- Was a first-team all-state selection in basketball in high school.

- Was recruited by Pepperdine and UNLV for basketball, but had more interest and saw a better future for him in basketball.

- Can play on the line or as an H-back.

- Oregon went to a spread offense in 2005, which changed his role to playing more in the slot and dropped his production.

- Was recruited to Oregon as a defensive end or tight end, practicing five weeks at each position before settling on tight end.

A.J. Nicholson/LB/Florida State

- Checked in at 6'0 3/8/254 pounds.

- Will do a full workout.

- Training in California.

- No charges have been filed in two separate incidents involving him. In one, he said he let a woman in his room after curfew before the their bowl game and when he asked her to get out, she got angry.

-I'm very remorseful, very sorry," he said of that incident.

-Earlier in the year, he was stopped by police for matching a description of a person they were searching for. He was already running to get something he forgot, and when he saw police he tripped and that was interpreted as an attempt to flee. "Bad place, bad time," he said.

- Says he has learned to appreciate his potential after these incidents.

- His Pro Day is March 16.

Calvin Lowry/S/Penn State

- Measured in at 5-11, 200 pounds.

- Will do a full workout.

- Says he plays a physical game, sometimes with an "angry streak" about him.
- Is training in Orlando.

- Has returned punts.

- Has a military family and lived in Germany, Georgia and North Carolina.

- His father grew up in Pennsylvania, spurring him to attend Penn State.

- Was recruited as a wide receiver but moved to safety.

- Hopes to run a 4.3 to 4.4 in the 40.

- Says "people know me as the quarterback of our defense."

- Has met with the Vikings and Jaguars.

- Pro Day is March 16.

Michael Huff/S/Texas

- Measured in at 6-0, 224 pounds.

- Will do a full workout.

- Calls Mark Clayton the best wide receiver he has faced, but he held him to three catches for 19 yards.

- Thinks a potential move to cornerback will depend largely on his Tuesday workout.

- Likes to do it all—hit, blitz and cover.

- Has never hit Vince Young in practice with a hands-off policy.

- Played wide receiver in high school.

- Working out at Athlete's Performance in Arizona.

- Thinks the success of Ed Reed and Troy Polumalu will help the perception of draft safeties in the upper half of the first round.

- Would be happy with a 4.3 in the 40.

- Has played strong and free safety.

- He said most of the top 10 or 15 teams have shown an interest and has had interviews with Cleveland and Atlanta.

Wide Receiver Group One 40 Times

Devin Aromashodu/WR/Auburn: 4.48 || 4.43

Hank Baskett/WR/New Mexico: 4.49 || 4.45

Jeremy Bloom/WR/Colorado: 4.53 || 4.52
--Did not work out with the Wide Recievers

Chad Jackson/WR/Florida: 4.38 || 4.35
--Looked to be the best WR out there of this group.

Workout Notes:

Jason Avant/WR/Michigan: Had a good workout.

Marques Hagans/QB/Virginia: Former UVA QB had an outstanding workout at the Wide Receiver position.

Bruce Gradkowski/QB/Toledo: He was on all day and elevated his draft stock more than likely.

Jay Cutler/QB/Vanderbilt: Looked solid in workouts.

Ingle Martin/QB/Furman: Had a solid workout today.

Abdul Hodge/LB/Iowa

-Measured in at 6'0/236 pounds.

-Met with 12 teams Saturday night, but only confirmed that one of those teams was the Minnesota Vikings. Said he expected to meet with the Tennessee Titans as he had good interaction with their coaching staff during the Senior Bowl.

-Is doing full workout except the bench press.

-Feels his versatility of having college experience both inside and outside will be a plus at the pro level for a young linebacker.

-Said his strongest attributes are his ability to get off blocks, make plays all over the field and his quickness and change of direction skill.

DeMeco Ryans/LB/Alabama

-Measured in at 6'1 1/2 / 236 pounds.

-Has had no interviews with any teams yet, as he just got in Saturday night.

-Will do a full workout.

-Feels his speed and bench press will make him stand out.

-Had a 3.5 GPA and said academics have always come first for him.

-Said his biggest strengths are his instincts, anticipation of where the ball is going, and the ability to pick up an audible or signal and relay them to his teammates.

Darrell Adams/DE/Villanova

- He has talked with the Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, and New York Jets.

Runningback 40 Times:

Jerious Norwood/Mississippi State: 4.42 || 4.40

Lawrence Vickers/Colorado and Naufahu Tahi/BYU barely broke 4.90 in either running of the 40.

Scouts have been very impressed with the interviews they have done with A.J. Hawk/Ohio State. Scouts are also saying that the intensity he shows on the field has come off well in the interviews.

As of right now, scouts feel like there is only one elite 1st round Wide Receiver at the combine.  That receiver is Santonio Holmes/Ohio State.

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