Arrington Interested, Eagles Aren't

With the Redskins cutting ties to LaVar Arrington, Eagles fans were considering how he would fit into the birds' defense. The answer: he won't.

After being cut by the Washington Redskins, LaVar Arrington spoke openly of his interest in staying in the NFC East. "I'd just love to bless [the Redskins] with my presence twice a year," Arrington told The Ticket (790 AM) in Miami. In the same discussion, he limited himself to the Eagles or New York Giants by saying he didn't have interest in being a Cowboy.

At the time that Arrington made his comments, the Eagles were courting Shawn Barber. They never even blinked or turned an interested ear to Arrington's comments. They were set on Barber and didn't move off their decision. Immediately after an extensive physical, Barber inked a one-year deal and Arrington is still on the streets looking for his next NFL home.

Would the Eagles consider adding Arrington even though they've already added Barber. No. They simply don't believe he would be a fit and felt all along that Barber was the better choice, especially given his past knowledge of Jim Johnson's rather intricate defense.

The Giants have some interest and thanks to a larger cap, could have the money to get a deal done. Arrington has a friend on the Giants in middle linebacker Antonio Pierce, who played with Arrington in D.C. and would love to be reunited with him. The Cleveland Browns have reportedly shown some interest in Arrington as well.

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