Draft Prospect Interview: OL Chris Chester

One of the players that the Eagles talked to at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis was Oklahoma offensive lineman Chris Chester. The 6'4", 300 pounder put on an impressive display and raised his stock considerably and the Eagles are one of the teams interested in drafting him next month.

Oklahoma's Chris Chester, a 6'4, 300-pound offensive lineman from Oklahoma, raised his stock considerably at this year's Combine in Indianapolis. A tight end who converted to center late in his collegiate career, he's a versatile, athletic prospect who drew interview requests from over half of the NFL teams and should be selected in the upper half of the NFL Draft in April.

You can hear Chris answer a few questions from our live interview with him at the Combine here: Listen to Audio. Then read on to find out more about him from our chat with him following the Combine.

Question: Did any team at the Combine talk to you about being a tight end, instead of an offensive lineman?

Chris Chester: The Chiefs did. They said, if for some reason I don't come in right away and get a chance to play at center or guard, I could just be kind of a second tight end in situations so I can get on the field, make an impact and contribute while still working at center at guard.

Q: How much special teams work did you do during college? Were there any specific special teams that you feel you excelled at?

CC: I was on the punt cover team, kickoff return and field goal team as well. The team I liked the most was punt coverage. It was more or less pass set. I was pretty big. We saw a lot of DBs and a lot of smaller guys on the rush. So it was pretty easy to block for the punt team. But also I had good enough feet, where I could be effective in coverage.

Q: How much of an issue was your broken hand and knee injury from your senior year? Did that get brought up quite often during your interviews?

CC: Everyone asked about it because I ended up missing four games. But the injury itself was kind of a typical injury. I didn't even have an MRI on my knee. I was back pretty quick actually. It's usually a four to six weeks for recover, and I was back in four weeks. Also, I didn't have any surgery.

Q: When you had your interviews with the GM's, head coaches or coaches, what is it that you wanted to get across to them about you as a person?

CC: I've always had this kind of lineman mentality and this concept of football. My beliefs on football, especially as a lineman, it's always hard work. And I think that playing offensive line kind of exemplifies that hard work. It's something that always had a whole lot of respect for.

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