Runyan Visits Jets; Eagles May Be Interested

After getting little to no attention, Jon Runyan is finally in the free agent news. He'll visit the Jets, while the Eagles may be interested.

For the Eagles, Jon Runyan is sort of like that cute, but not gorgeous girl that we all knew in school; we weren't really interested until she was going out with somebody else.

Runyan, who just returned from a vacation, will be visiting with the New York Jets to gauge their interest in signing him to a free agent contract. Meanwhile, the Eagles, who ignored Runyan, could have at least mild interest in re-signing him.

If you think Runyan would prefer to go elsewhere, think again. Runyan has reached out to the Eagles about the possibility of returning to the team. "They returned my phone call," Runyan told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I guess that something is better than nothing."

The Eagles figure to continue keeping an eye on Runyan to gauge just how much it may take to get him back in Philadelphia. If the price is right, the Eagles could get into the fray and have Runyan return to their offensive line. It figures that Runyan will check back with the Eagles before he would sign any contract with another club.

As for the Jets, even Runyan isn't quite so sure about how serious they are. Runyan wants to stay close to his home in New Jersey and figures that the Jets would be a good place to start looking for work. They released tackle Jason Fabini, who signed with Dallas and might be interested in Runyan's services. The other team that Runyan would have an interest in playing for is Baltimore, but it's unclear whether they would be interested with the emergence of Tony Pashos. Philadelphia remains Runyan's first choice and it figures that he would take less to remain with the Eagles.

Runyan knows he won't get the kind of money that he got on his last contract, especially since the going rate for tackles is down (Fabini only got $4.5 million guaranteed over three years). Still, Runyan wants a fair contract and is open to any length deal as long as the money is right.

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