Gaffney Meets The Press

The Eagles introduced their newest wide receiver to the Philadelphia media on Tuesday. Jabar Gaffney talked about what he brings to the Eagles and what his reunion with Lito Sheppard will be like.

On whether his decision to come to the Eagles was effected by wanting to play with cousin, CB Lito Sheppard:
"It was a big part of my decision. Knowing someone on the team, having a family member on the team will help out adjusting to the city and to the team. It will help out a lot."

On how tough it has been for him playing on the Texans:
"It was real tough. It was a new experience for me. I had never been on a losing team, never been on an expansion team. I had a lot thrown at me at once and it's helped me out a lot. I know that side and how that feels. I never want to feel like that again."

On what he believes he will bring to the Eagles:
"I am coming in as another receiver who can do a lot of things. I can play inside and outside. I can block and catch passes. I am just going to come here with the attitude that I have always had. I am coming here expecting to win, win a championship. I am just going to bring that along with all the great talent they already have here. I have spoken to people and they also have that mindset, so we will gel and go to the next level."

On how hard it was to play for the Texans with their struggling offensive line:
"That was real tough. A lot of times, before you even got to your routes, you heard the crowd cheering, if you were on the road, because they got another sack, or if we were at home, they would start to boo. It got frustrating."

On whether he has had the chance to speak to any of the coaches about how he will be used here:
"Yeah, I got a chance to talk to them and basically, they are going to move me around. I am going to be in the slot and be outside. I am going to move around and try to make some plays."

On what he has learned about the organization after spending some time in Philadelphia with Lito:
"It's totally different from Houston. The couple of times I have come around here, seeing how close-knit they were and the facilities. It is totally different. This is a real organization and I am happy to be a part of it."

On which Eagles games he has attended:
"I came up during the playoffs, two years ago (NFC Divisional Playoff vs. Green Bay)."

On how, as an outsider, he viewed everything that was going on here last season:
"From the outside looking in, I saw everything that was going on from the injuries to the T.O. thing. Every team has things going on within their organization. That was an unfortunate thing last year with the injuries and that situation. But, even with that, they were still in a lot of games. If we keep everyone healthy, we will make another run."

On why he signed a one-year contract:
"I was not part of that. Once I got the deal, I signed the deal. My agent and the people upstairs worked that out. I am not planning on being here for just one year. This is where I want to be at; I like it here and hopefully after this year I can get a long-term deal."

On how different it will be catching balls from QB Donovan McNabb rather from Texans QB David Carr:
"It will make a world of difference. Carr was thrown in as a rookie and was sacked a bunch of times. So, he was kind of gunshy back there, trying to get rid of the ball quickly and a lot of times that didn't even work. So, being here with a proven Pro Bowl quarterback, a good line, and a great offensive system with great players everywhere, will make a world of a difference."

On whether he thinks he can be judged from the last few years in Houston:
"Everything wasn't together. It was a new franchise and that takes time. It is just part of the growing pains that organization was going through."

On whether he was attracted to the team because he believes he can come in and improve the WR unit:
"That was a great attraction. Looking back, I always looked at the Philadelphia Eagles, of course my cousin is playing here, as a team that throws the ball around. It's a receiver's dream to be a part of an offense like this and have the opportunity to go out and catch passes."

On growing up with Lito and competing against him from an early age:
"That was great. We were always together, pushing each other. There was a lot of competition. We always went out trying to outshine each other. In high school, college and even now, he had to go out and make a play so I would have to go out and do something. I love the competitive nature between us."

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