Following The Draft In One Easy Lesson

Following all of the events leading up to the NFL Draft isn't easy. With that in mind, presents how you can stay on top of the latest information and of course, it involves using our site.

You'll see a lot of information on the draft pass through this and many other sites between now and Draft Day. We've got a couple ways to keep you updated on who is doing what, who might go where and why.

Eagles Draft Update gives our readers a wrap up of any news and articles that we run regarding the Eagles preparation for Draft Day.

Also included in the Eagles Draft Update is a look back at the NFL Combine and the Senior Bowl. You'll find the Eagles Draft Update on our left navigator bar, right at the top of the list.

Second, be sure to use the handy-dandy Draft Prospect Profile source located on the left navigator bar, just under the Eagles Draft Update link.

Here, you'll have profiles for all of the players who are potential draft picks. All of their key information will be right there in front of you.

Be sure to stick around for updates on how the Eagles are approaching Draft Day and the off-season in general as they prepare to fight their way through the 2006 NFL season. And remember, for more in-depth analysis and news, sign up for our premium subscription that brings you all of the insight on the Eagles, plus gets you premium content from every site on the network. That includes the NFL, college and Major League Baseball sites. Sign up today!

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