Runyan Happy To Put Free Agency Behind Him

Jon Runyan may have gotten more money from the Jets, but in the end, he got what he wanted. A chance to finish his career as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. After a rocky start to Runyan's free agency, it all worked out in the end.

On whether he is glad the free agent process is over with:
"Yeah, I'm glad it's over with. It's been an interesting process, but we met somewhere in the middle and I think that both sides are happy with the situation."

On why he chose the Eagles over the New York Jets:
"I think it was, more than anything, that I am at a point in my life where I have made a lot of money and I am very comfortable there. It was a situation, where I talked about it with my wife and my family for a couple of years, knowing that this was going to happen eventually. It got to a point where I went up there for a visit and on the way back I was thinking about whether I really wanted to be away from my family and miss all the moments. My kids are playing sports, spending time with my wife and that kind of thing. Did I really want to put a bounty on their head? How much does it cost to get me away from that and pay for that time? I just didn't want to deal with it. I sat down with the Eagles and worked things out and it made me a little more comfortable and being in this situation, everyone knew I was going to call this my home, so now that this happened, it's real comfortable I don't have to deal with the time, travel, and that type of thing. That was the biggest part of the whole decision."

On whether he could have gotten more money to go to the Jets:
"I probably could have. We really didn't get deep into the negotiations. I probably could have gotten more money elsewhere, but I kept myself within driving distance. We never really went out west or down south. I stayed here, so I only have a 20 minute drive to work everyday."

On whether this free agency was much different than 6 years ago:
"Yeah, six years ago, I had the conversation with my agent a million times- six years ago; I was in it to make a lot of money. I have made my money, I understand where I am in my life and my family is important to me. That weighed a lot on my decision and my agent made sure he reinforced that in me all the time, because he knew how I felt about that."

On how close he believes the offensive line is to being as formidable as it was in the past few years:
"I think last year did a lot for us, depth-wise. We have a lot of guys that got experience that typically, if everyone didn't get hurt, would not have had. It's only going to create competition there and make everyone better. Everyone has to focus a bit more on their job. Last year created trust in the younger guys from the coaches. It's only going to make the whole group better."

On where he believes this team is in terms of getting back to the Super Bowl:
"It's never as good as it looks and it's never as bad as it looks. No matter who was on the field last year, as a team, we were not playing good football. That was the difference, you have to go out as a team, in all three phases, play together and make things happen. If you are not out there doing that, it's going to look like it did last year. So, I think that was the biggest difference. You have to learn from the mistakes you have made and not make them again. Stuff will work out for you."

On whether his attitude creates success on the field:
"I think it does. The main thing around here is that [head coach] Andy [Reid] has the right people around. Most of the guys in the locker room are like that. That shows when you bring in young guys. They learn what is right and wrong, how you do things, and how to conduct yourself professionally. I think that has a lot to do with the longevity of the team and being able to do the things we have done in the past. We have been consistent, except for last year, and make runs like that. You have to be able to show the young guys what to do."

On how much he has spoken to coach Reid over the last few weeks:
"I have been in contact with him a little bit. In a way, it's frustrating, because you don't know what they are thinking. They don't know what you are thinking. You have a sense that you are wanted, but where do you go? How much are you wanted? What kind of offer are they going to make? That was the thing. I knew I was wanted here and I wanted to be here, but it was a situation where I had to see if there was an opportunity elsewhere to take financial advantage somewhere else. It happened to work out here."

On whether there was a point where he thought he would sign with the Jets:
"There is always that point. They came in with an offer and I hadn't had one from the Eagles. I didn't know whether this would be my only offer. If it was, then I would have to go play there. It was a tough decision. I was really impressed with them. They have a lot of young coaches there, a young general manager and I saw a lot of the same things that I saw here when they hired coach Reid. They are moving in that same direction, they are just a few years behind. It was a thing where, now I got that call from the Eagles and they presented the offer. We worked on it and we got to a place that it was comfortable for both of us and I didn't have to deal with the distance between me and my family."

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