Draft Target: DE Victor Adeyanju

In this exclusive bonus content for our WarNest Insiders, Victor Adeyanju talks about his Combine experience and the versatility he possesses that could be a big draw for Philadelphia come draft day!

It's no surprise that the Eagles showed interest in Victor Adeyanju when you stop and realize what adding a guy like Adeyanju to the Eagles defense could mean, you can start to dream that the Eagles interest in him will be followed up with him being drafted by Philadelphia.

Adeyanju has the physical size to play inside, but he also possesses the quickness and arm technique to bring significant pressure from the outside, his natural position. Adeyanju compares favorably to Jerome McDougle both ability and build. Adeyanju is two inches taller than McDougle and about ten pounds heavier.

Here's the balance of our interview with this Eagles potential draft target:

Q: You only weighed 215 when you entered college. Now you're at 275. What did you do to transform yourself?

VA: In college, you exercise four or five times a week. In the off-season, it's even more. It's eating properly, the right lifting, the right running.

Q: I know you had a broken leg in high school. Did you have any serious injuries at Indiana?

VA: The only serious injury was a shoulder injury, but I did not miss any games with that. It was 2004 against Oregon.

Q: Was the broken leg or the shoulder problem brought up at the Combine as an issue?

VA: They had me do an MRI and some X-rays on my leg. They're just taking proper precaution. It's just an investment. They don't want to invest in anything that will break down.

Q: What did you gain from your Senior Bowl experience?

VA: It was just a taste of what the NFL coaching is like. It was a great experience, just being down there with the NFL coaches, being with a lot of the great players from around the county and just talking to the NFL teams.

Q: How do you think you performed in the various drills in the skills areas at the Combine?

VA: My 40 time was a little bit slower than I expected. I'm going to redo that on my pro day. The drills—I felt very fluid, felt very good in them. I thought I performed very well. I wasn't asked to do any linebacking, but I feel that I do have that in my repertoire.

Q: Were the interviews a comfortable experience for you?

VA: The interviews were great. It's crazy because you see these coaches and GMs on TV, and then you're in the room with all of them. It was a very exciting experience. They relatively asked all the basics, pretty much all of the same types of questions. Some had you come to the board and draw out some plays, others had you show your stance and particular moves you do. It was just a great experience, being in the room with the coaches and having the opportunity to do that.

Q: Do you have the versatility to move inside if need be to defensive tackle?

VA: I don't think it's really much of an issue. I like going against the guards because you get a quicker jump off them and you're closer to the quarterback. But I actually played some of that in college so it's not too much of an issue.

Q: Do you think you're being projected as someone who could play either a linebacker or a defensive end at the pro level?

VA: Definitely. I could definitely do some drop backs. I'm just not sure they want somebody my size at a linebacker. That's the only thing I'm concerned about. Other than that, I feel very comfortable dropping back. I feel that I can keep up with a running back coming out of the backfield or covering wide receivers. I'm going to have to try to sell that a little more at Pro day.

Q: What about your special teams play?

VA: I don't have a problem with that. I like special teams a lot. I didn't do too much at Bloomington, Indiana at IU, just pretty much field goal blocking. But I do not have a problem with special teams.

Q: During your interviews with the teams, what were some of the top things you wanted them to know about you as a person?

VA: Just how much I love the game of football, how much I was willing to grow to gain more knowledge and be the best player I can, compete hard, play hard, be physical and just how much I wanted to be there. I let them know I belonged there. I also let them know that I wouldn't have been here without my family.

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