Cops Throw Flag On Jones' Street Dancing

Dhani Jones apparently just couldn't stop dancing and it got him into trouble. The 28 year old linebacker was arrested by police when he failed to obey their order to stop dancing.

Dhani Jones found himself in a police station after an impromptu dancing exhibition in South Beach early Sunday morning.

Police alledge that Jones, who was dancing in the street outside a South Beach nightclub, was told repeatedly to get out of the street and refused. After several attempts to get him to stop, police ended his dance by slapping cuffs on him. Jones, 28, signed an affadavit to appear at an arraignment at a later date and was released.

The official charge was listed as failure to obey a lawful command.

Police say that Jones and a female companion were blocking traffic and that the female got out of the street when police ordered her to do so, but Jones refused. After his arrest, Jones was apologetic, leading police to allow him to sign an affadavit rather than holding him overnight.

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