Eagles: Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

There are several good players who would love to call Philadelphia home. For their part though, the Eagles aren't interested even though some of them would fill some holes for the upcoming season.

LaVar Arrington was the first this off-season to publicly profess that he would like to be a Philadelphia Eagle. The Eagles were nice enough in their rejection of him, but made it clear that he wouldn't be in their plans.

At the time that Arrington was looking to call Philadelphia home, the Eagles were courting LeCharles Bentley and considering a bid on Steve Hutchinson. It figured at the time that if the Eagles were going to be writing checks to even one of those free agents, Arrington was a pipe dream and out of the Eagles' price range. Now though, with both Bentley and Hutchinson going elsewhere, the Eagles could have put more money into signing a player like Arrington, but didn't.

Now, wide receivers Eric Moulds (Buffalo) and Javon Walker (Green Bay) are both interested in winding up in Philadelphia, but neither are likely to be brought in. Both are still under contract to their respective teams, meaning that the Eagles would have to trade to get them and the phone lines aren't burning up to Buffalo or Green Bay.

Agents for Moulds, who were given permission to seek a trade for their client, contacted the Eagles, but got a lukewarm response. The 32 year old Moulds has worn out his welcome in Buffalo and is definitely on the downside of his career. He's got one year left on his contract and is seeking a three-year, $15 million deal, which the Eagles simply won't give him. All of that means that he would likely be unhappy in Philadelphia after a while and the Eagles don't want to risk that.

Walker is cheap - $650,000 in 2006 - but is coming off a torn ACL and has been griping about playing in Green Bay for some time. He's recently threatened to retire rather than play for the Packers again. You would have to figure that he might be worth a shot, since he has one year left on his contract at a cheap rate and the Packers aren't likely to be able to command much in return. Still, the Eagles aren't biting and haven't had any conversations with Green Bay about Walker.

The Eagles organization is well respected around the NFL. Their training facilities are possibly the best in the league and Andy Reid is a popular coach to play for. Plus, the team figures to bounce way back from their 6-10 performance in 2005 and could possibly return to the Super Bowl. Because of that, the Eagles can pick and choose who they show an interest in. With a definite opening at wide receiver and being in a position where they could use a little more help at the linebacker spot, the Eagles should probably at least entertain thoughts of bringing in Moulds or Walker for their offense and / or Arrington to help on defense. Instead, they seem content to go with what they have, preferring to move Reggie Brown up to the number one spot on the receiving corps and either go with what they have at linebacker or find some help in next month's draft.

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