And The Muncher Says...

Let's face it, unless you have no other life, you can't possibly keep up with all of the Mock Drafts that are on-line... Until now! We introduce to you, the MOCK DRAFT MUNCHER! All you need to know from the world of Mock.

With all of the mock drafts, it's tough to get a true idea for who may go where. That's why we need the Mock Draft Muncher.

At the current time, "Munch" takes 46 different on-line drafts, analyzes all of the picks, crunches - sorry, munches - the numbers, the players, the teams and the picks to come up with who is going to go where.

The various elements of the Muncher make it almost addictive. For instance, with just a few simple clicks, you can get a rundown of the average draft position for top players, a team-by-team look at who the experts say is going to go to that particular team, and a rundown of who has which player coming to the Eagles.

It's all there, but please, don't blame us for any addictions that may occur. If you think you're ready... MUNCH.

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