Birds Could Hang On Chad In First Round

Most times, making a team's first pick in the draft isn't easy. There are various ways to go and each of the team's coaches want their need filled first. Then, there are the players who are maybe a bit of a reach, but they're not going to be there for your second pick. Chad Jackson is one of those players.

It wasn't that long ago that Chad Jackson figured to go somewhere in the first 30 picks. Back in mid-February, the Draft Muncher had his average draft position at 29 and it went as low as 30.67 on the 18th of February. Slowly though, Jackson has been moving up the charts and by late March, his average draft position was 20.45 - a nice climb, by any stretch of the imagination.

The Eagles hold the 14th pick, so if you do the math, Jackson has gone from a real stretch at that spot to a bit of a stretch. Close enough that the Eagles could draft him if they choose to go for a wide receiver in the first round. If they're feeling lucky, they could even move down slightly in the draft and still get Jackson, although Miami (pick #16) and San Diego (pick #19) have both looked long and hard at Jackson as well. In other words, the birds couldn't drop too far if they wanted to get their wings on Jackson.

The 6' 1", 213 pounder out of Florida ranks as the second best receiver available in the draft, right behind Ohio State's Santonio Holmes, who also interests the Eagles. Many of the mock drafts around have Holmes going as high as number 14 - to the Eagles - and as low as number 20 to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Dolphins and Chargers could provide the biggest competition to get Holmes.

One of Jackson's strong traits is adjusting his pattern to pull in errant throws and to fit where the quarterback will need to throw the ball. At the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Jackson really started to show just what he could do at the next level and that's where all of the excitement has come from.

The Eagles are interested enough that head coach Andy Reid personally handled Jackson's personal workout and interview with the team.

Besides Jackson and Holmes, who both figure to be first-rounders, the Eagles have shown an interest in wide receivers Maurice Stovall (Notre Dame) and New Mexico's Hank Baskett. Stovall, who hails from nearby Radnor, will be in Philadelphia for a visit this week and figures to be a first day pick and has also been garnering increased attention of late.

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