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With all that's happening around the NFL, there are plenty of rumors, innuendos and news floating around. We've scooped it all into one place for the die-hard Eagles fans among us.

Could Javon Walker still be an Eagle? Representatives for Green Bay Packers wide receiver Javon Walker could be prepared to offer the team a deal to secure his release from the team. Walker has stated on numerous occasions he will not play for the Packers again.

The Eagles weren't interested in dealing for Walker, but might have some interest if he were to hit the open market. It would most likely depend on how big of a contract he would want and whether or not the Eagle would feel comfortable that he wouldn't become a disgruntled distraction like he was in Green Bay and like that "other" wide receiver was in Philadelphia.

Still, the chances of Walker joining the Eagles are less than 50/50.

Faine-ing interest? The Cleveland Browns have not entertained any significant interest in center Jeff Faine. Faine was made available due to the Browns signing of free agent LeCharles Bentley. Look for ther team to deal the former first-round draft selection on draft-day.

The Eagles could be one of the teams interested in talking to Cleveland about Faine. Cleveland has the 12th overall pick in the draft, so the Eagles wouldn't be able to entice them in a move that would allow the Browns to move up in the draft. Whether the Eagles would consider completely dropping out of the first round isn't clear, but odds are that they wouldn't be interested in sending their first rounder to Cleveland. Still, the birds and Browns could talk about other possibilities to bring Faine to Philly.

Draft Notes: The Eagles have shown varied interest in a number of players that they could potentially grab with the 14th pick in the draft or in subsequent rounds. Here is a list of players that the Eagles have some degree of interest in for the NFL Draft.

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