Jackson, Bunkley Remain Mock Faves For Birds

Looking through the mock drafts that are sitting out there, Chad Jackson and Broderick Bunkley are the favorite picks. There are other options though, depending on how things play out and which way the Eagles want to go on Draft Day.

As the Eagles first pick at number 14 nears on Draft Day, things could get very interesting. There are a couple different ways that the Eagles could go and they've avoided giving indications on which way they'll go with the pick.

The longest of shots is one of the hottest rumors. That is the rumor circulating that the Eagles would send their first pick to Green Bay for Javon Walker. That's not likely to happen. It's not out of the question that the Eagles will pursue Walker, but not for their first round pick. If you hate that rumor, rest easy.

Chad Jackson seems to be a popular choice. There are question marks about whether Reggie Brown is ready to be a number one receiver and Donovan McNabb could use someone better to throw to. Jackson's connection to Philadephia seems to rise and fall with how things look on Walker. The Packers and Walker's agent have been working on a deal that would allow Walker to become a free agent and if that happens - and so far, the Packers are playing hard ball - the Eagles will be interested and Jackson would certainly be Plan B. If things with Walker don't take a positive turn, interest in Jackson obviously goes up. Jackson could be a bargaining chip should Walker enter free agency.

The latest mock draft from TFY Draft Preview has this prediction:

14) Philadelphia: Chad Jackson/WR/Florida

Analysis: Head coach Andy Reid is enamored with the big, speedy wide out who he feels is a perfect fit for Philadelphia's offense.

Other possibilities
: A trade up for one of the defensive tackles is a possibility. They also could trade up for a chance to select Winston Justice.

The DT of choice appears to be Broderick Bunkley. Most drafts that don't have the Eagles going with Jackson have them going with Bunkley. Again, it gets interesting.

There are a number of teams drafting right around the Eagles interested in Bunkley and in offensive tackle Winston Justice, who the Eagles are also interested in. Odds are that if they don't trade up, Bunkley and Justice would be off the board. The Draft Simulation on the Mock Draft Muncher has Bunkley going to Cleveland at 12 and Justice going to Baltimore at 13. While some believe that if that scenario were to play out, the Eagles would simply go to Jackson, the simulation shows a different choice - OLB Ernie Sims.

Since some mock drafts have Justice going as high as eighth (Buffalo), the odds of the Eagles landing him aren't very good. Trading up for Bunkley would seem to be a more likely outcome for a deal.

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