Clemens May Fly Too High For Eagles

Oregon quarterback Kellen Clemens has gone from being somewhat of a draft afterthought to suddenly being sought after. His climb could hurt the Eagles, who were one of the first to really notice him. If Clemens does go too high for the Eagles to grab him, they will have other chances to grab a quarterback and they've got at least a couple in mind.

The Eagles were hoping that Kellen Clemens would go somewhat unnoticed. If he were to go low enough in the draft, the Eagles thought he could be a steal on day two of the draft and they would have a quarterback to groom and at least help to back up Donovan McNabb and maybe do more down the road. Too bad for the Eagles, because Clemens is no longer unnoticed.

After the season, there were some thoughts that Clemens might not even be drafted. If he was, he would be a late second-day pick and the Eagles were one of the teams that everybody figured might take a shot on drafting him. Now, some mock drafts put him as high as the second round and he's currently listed as the seventh best quarterback in the draft by

One concern to some teams was a broken fibula that Clemens suffered after eight games last season. It was that injury that saw him plummet down the list of potential picks, but the Eagles - and a few other teams - were willing to look past the injury to see a player that could benefit them. For the Eagles, Clemens would fit perfectly into their offensive scheme, since he specializes in accurate, short passes. He would be able to pick up the system quickly and implement it with little trouble, thanks to the offensive scheme that he played in at Oregon.

Clemens wasn't able to play in any of the post-season spotlight games for players headed for the NFL. He was limited as to what he could do at the Combine, too. But reports are that he has recovered well and now has very few limitations on what he can do and has been showing off his recovery in workouts with the Eagles, Bengals, Chiefs, Cowboys, Falcons and Rams. In addition, former Eagles assistant Brad Childress is thought to like Clemens and could jump on him fairly early in the draft to help fill the hole created by Duante Culpepper's exit from Minnesota.

Quarterback isn't a priority for the Eagles and with Clemens' climb up the mock draft charts, it's likely that he'll go higher than where the Eagles would like to grab a quarterback. Should he fall though, the Eagles would be in pursuit of him once day two of the draft gets underway.

The new low-round focus for the Eagles is on Yale quarterback Jeff Mroz, who the Eagles will put through a workout on Tuesday. Another passer they like is Brett Basanez of Northwestern. Quarterbacks coach Pat Shurmur flew to Evanston, Illinois, last week for a visit with Basanez. They spent a couple of hours watching game film together. "He wanted to know why I did this, why I did that," Basanez said. The Eagles signed Jeff Garcia to back up starter Donovan McNabb, but are looking for a young quarterback they can develop. McNabb will be 30 in November. The Eagles likely will take a quarterback with one of their second-day draft picks. They have seven choices in the final four rounds, including three in the fourth.

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