Will Greenway Be Wearing Eagles' Green?

The latest TFY Draft Preview Mock Draft has the Eagles taking Iowa linebacker Chad Greenway with the 14th pick. If that's how things play out Saturday, how would that impact the Eagles?

The Eagles aren't completely sold on Dhani Jones. He's good, but they believe that they can do better and could address that with the selection of Chad Greenway. Brining in Greenway would set up a training camp battle that would be a pretty interesting one to watch.

There is a lot to like about Greenway. He's a guy who simply knows how to play the position and has great instincts and natural abilities. He's not someone who will dominate, but he'll be there to make the plays that he needs to make and do everything possible to help his team win. Basically, he's a solid pick, although he's not likely to come to Philadelphia.

As the Mock Draft points out, it's "highly likely" that the Eagles won't be at 14 on Draft Day. If that's the case, it won't be to get Greenway. It will either be an aggressive move up to get Broderick Bunkley or Winston Justice or a move down to bring an extra pick and perhaps, center Nick Mangold.

The truth is that while Greenway is a good, solid pick and some NFL team is going to get a very good player, he's not right for the Eagles. They can do better simply by moving up or down in the draft and filling more important needs. Even if they do stay at 14, Greenway might not be the right pick. Adding a receiver like Chad Jackson might be a better way for them to go.

For now, Dhani Jones is likely safe in the Eagles lineup, but certainly, the Eagles will look to draft a linebacker lower in the draft and hope that he can challenge Jones a little. Sometimes, having a player come in to give any sort of battle is just the incentive that a player needs to take his game to the next level and that could be the case with Jones. The perception is that he simply can be better than he is now.

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