Andy Reid Press Conference Transcript

Andy Reid discusses taking Brodrick Bunkley and just when the Eagles knew he would fall to them at number 14.

Opening statements (Reid):

"We got the first pick out of the way. We took Brodrick Bunkley from Florida State, a defensive tackle. We feel really good about the pick. He's a very explosive and quick player who will be worked into one of the defensive tackle positions. Like I have said before, our objective on the defensive line is that we have enough depth there so that we can throw fastballs at the offense. This allows us to do that. He's a big explosive football player."

On how he feels about Bunkley falling to the 14th pick:

"We felt good about it. We didn't think he would come to us at that point. We had a couple of names there and it really came down to two football players we felt good about, he being one of them and being the highest rated player we had. So, we pulled the trigger there."

On when they began to think that Bunkley was going to fall to them at the 14th pick:

"[General manager] Tom [Heckert] is the expert at that. We got down to the 9th pick and he said that there was a chance this was going to happen. We knew Baltimore liked [DT Haloti] Ngata, so we had a pretty good idea what was going on."

On whether there were scenarios that had the team moving up to the 8th pick to draft Bunkley:

"Tom and I talked during that time and we thought that if we just held tight there, we didn't think we needed to get up there quite that high and give up quite a bit to get up that high. Like I said, we didn't just have one player sitting there; we had a couple of players we really liked. I thought we would end up with one of the two."

On whether they made any calls to move higher than the 14th pick:

"We did, we did talk to some people. Obviously they wanted more than what we wanted to do to get up there."

On whether any teams were calling to move into the 14th pick:

"There were a couple of teams that called us. The thing that we found out was the two guys that we wanted were the two guys that people were asking to move up for. So, it just confirmed to us that the two guys were very good players."

On whom they rated higher Ngata or Bunkley:

"I thought they were both very good players. For what we do, we felt Bunkley fit into our system a little bit more, but Ngata went to the perfect situation [Baltimore]. That is why they traded up to get him. I thought that was a great spot for him. He is a great kid and I know is family a little bit. That will be a nice fit for him there."

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