Brodrick Bunkley Press Conference

Broderick Bunkley didn't take much time in addressing the media. Bunkley talked about being drafted by the Eagles and how his draft experience played out.

On where he thought he'd end up:

"I know Baltimore [was interested]. I talked to them a lot. I know Cleveland [was interested]. I talked to them a lot. They were very aggressive. I didn't really take a trip to Buffalo, so that wasn't a shocker to me. I went to Detroit, that was a nice place. I knew they were high on [LB] Ernie Sims. I landed in a great place. You've got athletes around here everywhere. It's a great place and I'm just ready to go. I'm really excited right now."

On where he watched the draft:

"I'm in Tampa right now, Riverview, which is like fifteen minutes from Tampa. I'm just down here enjoying it with my family, but I'm about to head to Philadelphia now."

On how much of an impact he thinks he can make in his first year:

"They play a scheme that I love. The type of defense they play, it allows the d-tackles and the d-linemen to get out there and make plays. And I think I'd be a perfect fit. Just come in to camp, get all the plays down as soon as possible. I'll be ready to go."

On his conversation with head coach Andy Reid when he told him the Eagles would select him with the 14th pick:

"Oh my goodness. It was so hard for me to keep focus. I couldn't stop pacing. I was pacing back and forth and I'm talking to all these different guys. It was hard to talk because your heart is beating so fast. It's the greatest feeling in the world. It's a dream come true. I'm playing for one of the best teams in the league right now and I'm just very excited."

On whether he's surprised he slipped to 14th:

"I kind of went in thinking top 15. I know Mel Kiper and some people had me going at 8. I just kind of held my head for the worst case scenario. In any case, it's just a blessing to be able to play in the NFL. It really is amazing. I'm just thankful I'm here."

On the situation with the video game:

"It was something that happened awhile ago. It was a very dumb mistake that I made, but I'm way past it. I've grown up a lot. I'm the type of guy when once something like that happens, it would be crazy for me to do something like that again. I realize how much of a hassle it is when you get in trouble with the law, so I'm over that situation. It was just a stupid, stupid mistake I made when I was younger."

On his academic situation going into his senior year being a wakeup call for him:

"A lot of kids go into college and they're so excited about being in a big program and really put school second. That's something I did for awhile and when it was almost taken away from me, I wasn't going to be able to graduate, I wasn't going to be able to play football anymore, to run for your senior campaign. Just to hear someone tell you that, it was just a horrible feeling. I felt empty. I remember there were times, after my advisor told me I wasn't going to be eligible for the season, and I might not be able to play again at Florida State, and I might get kicked out of school. When they told me that I just broke down crying, because there was nothing for me to do. I remember sitting in the car afterwards and I just busted out in tears. I called my mother and I told my mother and she burst out in tears as well. Just to hear your mother crying, man, that was one of the worst feelings in the world. I knew I had to turn it around. I knew I had to get right. I told my football coach after I get back on the field I was going to relish and cherish every opportunity, every play, every snap. And it's led to a lot of success."

On how he turned his situation around:

"A lot of college athletes think football first, school second. But, I just had to turn it around. I put training and everything down. I stopped training for almost two months and I was just in the study hall 24 hours a day. That's basically what it was. I knew what I had to do to get back out on that field. I needed to make some good grades and I pulled it off."

On whether the injuries he had earlier in his career limit him at all:

"I'm pretty much [injury] free right now. I had the knee sprain in the Florida game my freshman year. I had an ACL [injury] my freshman year in high school, and I also had the high ankle sprain my junior year [in college]. But, last year I played almost 80-90 reps a game and I stayed healthy."

On how difficult it was to wait until his senior year to get on the field as much as he wanted to:

"You're doing the work, getting it done. I still had to get grades before it was decided I would be able to play football again. It was nerve-racking actually. You had to think about football, but you also had the tests and exams to focus on. Once I heard, I went up to the dean at school, and he told me, ‘You made it son,' It was just a rewarding experience because I worked so hard. I thank my coach for staying on top of me. I thank my mother. She showed a lot of support during that time. Coach was at my door every day making sure I was up. It was a very hard time for me just to come out and get back and being able to play with the guys you came in with, with your classmates, their last season. It was a very rewarding experience."

On what he knows about the Eagles:,p> "I had a chance to run with them a couple of times on Madden. I know they've been NFC Champs. It's a great team. I love that defense. You got guys on the rise. You've got The Freak [DE Jevon Kearse] coming off the end, [DT] Mike Patterson, [DE] Darren Howard. I'm just very excited."

On whether he's had the chance to talk to former Eagles DT and current Colts DT Corey Simon, who also played at Florida State:

"I had a chance to talk to Corey. He's always coming down to Florida State. He's come in and talked to a lot of the younger defensive tackles. I had the chance to talk to him about a lot of things. He just said, ‘Whatever you do, just keep your head up and play hard. You have to love this sport to be successful.' And I do, man. I can't wait to get back out on that field and finally strap on that jersey and get out there on Sunday."

On whether signing is going to be a problem:

"No, it shouldn't be a problem. I'll let my agent handle that."

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