Winston Justice Conference Call Transcript

"If I had to pick any team in the NFL to play for, it would be the Eagles." That's how Winston Justice wraps up his feelings about being drafted by the Eagles.

On whether he was surprised he fell as far as he did in the draft:

"Yeah, but I feel as though Philadelphia is the best place for me and that this was meant to be this way."

On what waiting for his name to be called was like:

"It was long. You want to see where you are going to go and I am real happy to be an Eagle. This is a great place for me. It's an honor to be coached by [head] coach [Andy] Reid and [offensive line coach Juan] Castillo. I am in a good program and this is only the beginning. Hopefully, I can learn from [OTs] Tra Thomas and [Jon] Runyan. This is a wonderful fit for me. I am really happy."

On why he thinks he fell into the second round:

"I really don't know. That is the way it happened and this is only a beginning. The draft does not determine how good of a player you are. I still plan to be a Pro Bowl and franchise tackle. This does not change anything."

On whether he has spoken to any of the four USC players who have fallen lower than expected today:

"No, we have not talked to each other yet. Maybe later on we will. But as of now, we have not."

On whether this makes him hungrier to prove himself as a player:

"Yes, it does. When people don't pick you, you start to want to prove people wrong. I think I have a lot to improve and I think that will help me become a better football player."

On whether he knew the Eagles were going to trade up in the second round to get him:

"I had no idea. I didn't know they were going to trade up. When they did, it was a happy time and I am thrilled they did it."

On whether he watched the entire first round:


On where he watched the draft today:

"I watched it from my living room in my house."

On whether he thought he might have been picked by the Eagles with the 14th pick:

"Yes, I thought it might happen, but it didn't go that way. If I had to pick any team in the NFL to play for, it would be the Eagles. So, this is a happy time for me and I am happy they gave me the opportunity to play here."

On whether he was hoping the Eagles would pick him all along:


On why he was hoping the Eagles would pick him:

"I took a trip there and really liked the coaching staff. I think Coach Castillo is one of the best coaches in the NFL. I think that Andy Reid is a great coach and I believe that this is a team on the road to a Super Bowl. I am really happy I am on this team and I am going to contribute early."

On what he thinks the biggest adjustment will be from college football to the style of play in the NFL:

"I just have to improve on everything. I am a rookie coming in to the season and I have to improve on every facet of my game. I think with the help of coach Reid, Coach Castillo and the rest of the staff, I will accomplish all of my goals."

On how hard it was to see people drafted and not hear his name:

"It is pretty hard. But again, if I was to choose any team to play for in the NFL, I would pick the Eagles. It is a great situation for me and I am real happy I am an Eagle."

On what Andy Reid said to him after the pick:

"Right now, I really can't remember what he said (laughing). But, again I am really happy to be here."

On whether he considers himself a better run blocker or pass blocker:

"I think I am equally good at both. I think I am a good pass blocker and a good run blocker. I have to improve on both of them to be an effective player."

On whether he worries that his past history caused his fall to the second round:

"No, it did not. The teams know what kind of character guy I am. This is how it happened. I don't think it was because of character issues, I think it was the draft."

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