Reid: "They've cleaned up their acts"

The Eagles picks in both the first and second round have had some off-the-field problems. Andy Reid dismissed those problems though and believes that both will be solid players for the Eagles.

Opening remarks:

"We took [USC offensive tackle] Winston Justice with our second pick. I mentioned to you that there were two players that we had targeted. He was the other one. We were lucky enough where we were able to give up the 116th pick in the 4th round to go up and grab him. We feel very fortunate."

On why Justice lasted until the 2nd round:

"I don't know. I didn't ask any questions around the league. We had done our homework on him. He had had a couple of off-the-field issues when he was younger and I brought him up here, I talked to him here. I talked to him at the combine. I know a few of the coaches down there and they recommended him highly."

On whether he could have ever envisioned a scenario where they could get both Justice and DT Brodrick Bunkley:

"To be honest with you, no. I thought we might have a shot at Justice, but Bunkley I didn't think would fall."

On whether they tried to go up higher to get Justice:

"Yeah, we did. Not much higher, just a couple of picks."

On whether they would have taken Justice with the 14th pick if Bunkley had been chosen before that:


On whether he looked at Bunkley and Justice's off-the-field issues:

"Yes, I did. I needed to look into that, which we do every year. These were in the past and they've kind of cleaned up their acts, in Bunkley's case for quite a few years. And then Justice is a couple of years, so I felt good about them."

On whether the damage WR Terrell Owens caused to the team is being taken into account in the draft and causing certain guys to drop in rank due to character issues:

"It could be."

On whether he checked around about why Justice dropped:

"I think people do that. They start second-guessing themselves. I think you've got to trust your people who have done the homework. I think we did a thorough examination on him and felt comfortable with him."

On whether Justice is ready to play right now:

"The one difference is he's played all right tackle and I'd like him to learn both tackles. Obviously, we have some veteran players in there so it gives him the opportunity to learn, but he also has the skill and the ability to step in and play if he needs to."

On whether he thought Justice would fall in between the 39th and 45th overall picks:

"I thought there were a couple of teams in there that might snag him up."

On whether Justice could play at guard:

"Yeah, there could be a chance."

On whether they considered trading up for Justice in the first round:

"I wasn't going to do that, no."

On whether the drop has affected Bunkley:

"I think he was very realistic. If he went past eight, I think he understood what Baltimore was doing. I don't think that was a big secret out there. Those were kind of the two teams that needed defensive tackles, so I think he prepared himself for that."

On whether he knew who he would have taken if Justice was chosen before the Eagles:

"We had a grouping of people that we were interested in. (Jokingly) Maybe they'll fall to the next one."

On whether he is surprised that WR Javon Walker ended up with the Denver Broncos:

"I had a pretty good idea on that, yes."

On whether he traded up because he had an idea that there were teams legitimately interested in Justice before the Eagles picked:

"I had an idea, yeah. There were two of them actually."

On whether his interest in Justice had any influence on not trading a second round pick for Javon Walker:


On whether Justice is more likely to play left or right tackle:

"We'll see how that works. I just know that [T] Tra [Thomas] is coming off of back surgery, so I'd like him to learn that spot in case something were to happen there."

On whether Justice will be running with the first team in mini-camp or if Thomas will be ready to play:

"I think Tra will be ready to go. Tra is doing everything now."

On whether Todd Herremans is now a guard:

"Herremans is working a little bit of guard here with [offensive line coach] Juan [Castillo] in the off-season program."

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