Baskett Could Be Nice Grab For Eagles

The Eagles couldn't quite fit Hank Baskett into their Draft Day plans, but a deal with the Vikings brings him to Philadelphia anyway. The New Mexico state product had been in the Eagles crosshairs prior to the draft.

Sometimes, teams like a player, but can't quite fit him into their draft. That's exactly what happened with the Eagles and Hank Baskett. The New Mexico star was certainly on the Eagles' radar, but on Draft Day, even though they manuevered and re-manuevered, the Eagles just didn't feel comfortable picking Baskett with any of their picks. They were interested in signing him as an undrafted free agent, but the Vikings beat them to the punch. Had it been any other team, the story might have ended there.

Instead, with new Vikings coach Brad Childress being familiar with the Eagles personnel, the two teams were able to work out a deal that worked for both sides. The move sent Billy McMullen to Minnesota and gave the Eagles Baskett.

By no means were the Eagles down on McMullen. The truth is though that they're counting on the more experienced receivers on their roster to step up and want to continue to mix young receivers into the roster when possible for something to build on. Much like they did with Reggie Brown. That's why they could give up McMullen, who at least has some NFL experience, to get Baskett. For the Vikings, it gives them more experience for their receiving corps and they didn't have to give up a lot to help fill a need. Plus, Brad Childress gets a receiver who he is obviously comfortable in having in Minnesota.

As for Baskett, he fits the mold of an Eagles receiver perfectly. He loves to outjump defenders and isn't afraid to mix it up with them to make a catch. He is also expert in adjusting his patterns to fit the play and coverage, which will give a scrambling Donovan McNabb a smart player who will help open plays for him. While Baskett doesn't always get a good jump off the line, once he's going, he's got blazing speed and uses it well. His large frame is what Andy Reid wants his receivers to look like. In some ways - size and speed wise - Baskett is a better fit than Jason Avant, who the Eagles took with the second of their two fourth round picks in the draft. Time will tell which fits the Eagles better down the road.

TFY Draft Preview profile on Hank Baskett

Full Name: Hank Baskett School: New Mexico Pos: WR

Ht: 6-3 Wt: 224 40: 4.50 Year: 5Sr

Bio: All-Conference performer the past two seasons, posting 67/1,071/9 as a senior after 54/908/3 the prior year.

Pos: Consistent pass-catcher who flashes the ability to break games open. Reliable, displays outstanding timing as well as eye/hand coordination. Gets vertical and makes the acrobatic reception with defenders draped on him. Stays on his feet and displays the ability to create when running after the catch. Nicely uses his large frame to shield opponents away. Finds the soft spot in the defense. Aggressive blocker effective anywhere on the field.

Neg: Long, loping runner who lacks a sudden burst of speed. Must improve his route-running footwork.

Analysis: A natural receiver with soft, consistent hands, Baskett possesses top size/speed numbers and has the production to go along with it. Offers the potential to eventually develop into a second receiver on an NFL level.

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