Texas Backup Nordgren Joins Eagles

A month ago if the Eagles had announced that they signed a University of Texas quarterback, fans would have been convulsing in joy. But this is the other U of T quarterback; the one that backed up Vince Young. Matt Nordgren took part in the Eagles mini-camp on a tryout and the Eagles liked what they saw enough to officially sign him.

Matt Nordgren believes he can play in the NFL even though he never really even got a chance to play in college. Nordgren threw just 14 passes at the University of Texas, completing eight of them for 60 yards. Nordgren actually had more yards rushing (79) than he did passing. Even with the limited experience though he finds himself with a chance to move up the depth chart behind Donovan McNabb. For now, Nordgren is fifth on the depth chart behind McNabb, Jeff Garcia, Koy Detmer and Timmy Chang. That isn't stopping him from looking ahead. "Donovan McNabb can whip it pretty good when he wants, but I've got as strong an arm as anybody there," exclaimed Nordgren, who went to high school with Eagles running back Ryan Moats.

Moats believes that Nordgren can help the Eagles. "I think he did well," said Moats of Nordgren's tryout. "Everything that they asked him to do, he did right."

It's possible that Nordgren will find most of his work at the same place that he did with Texas, as the holder on field goals and extra points. Detmer has handled that job for the Eagles during his tenure with the team. It's also possible that with the Eagles looking to develop a young quarterback that Nordgren could move up the depth chart. Chang competed in NFL Europe and split playing time with Drew Henson. Chang completed 56.2% of his passes (50-of-89) for 659 yards and four touchdowns. Nordgren could find himself headed to Europe next year for seasoning at that level before the Eagles would seriously consider putting him into any sort of game situation.


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