Shawn Andrews Press Conference Transcript

Shawn Andrews is one of a number of young Eagles to get a hefty contract extension early in their career. The newest long-term Eagles will get plenty of money, but for him, it's all about proving himself over and over again.

Andy Reid opening remarks:

"Alright as you know we were able to come to an agreement with Shawn and we have a new seven year extension onto his contract. As the organization goes here it's another great addition, another great job by team president Joe Banner. He continues to sign our players and keep them here in Philadelphia. Shawn is a fine football player and I think we saw that last year. He is very capable of playing either the guard or the tackle positions. He is playing guard this year. As he continues to mature he could be one of the top offensive linemen in the National Football League. We are very proud and happy to have him right here."

Shawn Andrews opening remarks:

"I would first like to say I think it is a great situation for myself, for my family, and as well as the Eagles organization. They have done a great job in the past with the likes of [LT] William Thomas and [CB] Lito Shepard. [Two previous number 1 picks who signed early contract extensions] Two's a crowd, three is company, and I should be the third one that is going to be here to maintain consistency. Those guys were signed early; Pro Bowl guys and I would like to keep that tradition going and excel above and beyond and win a lot of Super Bowls here. I am going to be here for a long time. This is where I want to be and this is where I'm going to be."

Andy Reid on how much Shawn getting in shape had to do with deal being made:

"Well the weight wasn't an issue. It's the point that Shawn is a good football player and a good person. We talk so much about him as a football player, but he is a great person too. He keeps things alive in that locker room and has good leadership qualities. The other thing I would like to add is I mentioned Joe Banner to you but also Rich Moran also is also on Shawn's side of this and they did a heck of a job putting this together and making it work."

AR; on what he liked about when he was drafted and his transition into the NFL:

"He's a good person, and he is a big physical player. He has great athletic ability. We felt coming out of the draft a couple years ago he was the best offensive lineman in that draft and we are very honored to have him here in Philadelphia. He got cut short a little bit his rookie year with the injury but he showed what he could do last year and will continue to build on that."

Shawn Andrews on being in shape and feeling better on the field:

"I feel a ton better. I was just thinking to myself, and I think about it everyday, it was just last year at the time I was around the [380s] with no pads on, getting down in my stance I could feel all this bulge and it was very uncomfortable. Now I am able to last throughout the whole plays and do screens and just get out and show my athletic ability."

SA; on what he did to get into shape:

"My main focus basically was to keep my cardio going twice a day just to boost my metabolism and eat six smaller meals a day just to keep the fuel burning and to stay focused and after the tragic situation happened with a friend of mine, I basically said that's enough. It's not just for football, not for future contracts, but I don't want to die at 25 or however long just because I'm fat."

SA; on tragic situation that happened to his friend:

"It's been about two months now. He was a 23 year old gentleman from my hometown [Camden Arkansas] that I grew up with. We used to ride the school bus, go to the park and shoot hoops and hangout. He had a situation where the doctor told him he was putting on too much weight and was diagnosed with a heart condition. He never worked out and we were hanging out one Sunday and after he went home, they found him [dead]."

SA; on how some of his teammates label him as the best athlete on the offensive line:

"Well everybody has their own thoughts about themselves as an individual and the fact that guys are not always going to say they think that way about you but it all starts with yourself. I know what I can do, I will show them what I can do and I am going to continue to do that. With the loss of the weight, it's definitely going to be evident this year that I am a good athlete."

SA; on how his success last year will motivate him to continue this year:

"It's totally going to motivate me, not only for myself but a lot of times team success depends on some individuals and I want it to be a situation where there are no questions about me. I want it to be when you talk about Shawn Andrews its not going to be, ‘oh he's back up to 380 lbs or close to 400 pounds again.' It's going to be, ‘wow this guys a phenom, he's 23 years old and he's kicking butt.' I just want that tag off my name. It's not something I can ask or tell people to do, it's something that I have to prove."

SA; on why he decided to do the deal now:

"Well some guys feel like they can play out their deal and things happen but my rookie year I had a very unfortunate accident [fractured fibula] and you never know what tomorrow is going to hold. I have a daughter and my mom, I want that security and just to be here. I am an Eagle and this is where I want to be. I haven't been to any other team but I have heard stories from guys at other teams and this is where I want to be."

SA; on feelings from rookie year to this point:

"Well it definitely takes my expectation level to the maximum and nobody expects more from Shawn Andrews than myself. It's a matter of me for one, being in shape. The heavier you are, the longer it takes to recover from an injury. The fact that I'm down now, I can get out of situations I couldn't when I was 380-385 lbs. Just to be stronger. I've lost the weight and it didn't happen fast, it came off slowly. I think I'm building on something here. It's going to be great, it's going to stay off and I am going to do my best to stay healthy."

SA; on what he weights now:

"Right now I'm at about 355 lbs."

SA; on whether it's important to get a shot at being a tackle before the end of his career:

"It's not a big deal. Of course I played tackle in college. Here I made the pretty decent transition from tackle to guard and have shown pretty decent success so far and I think it's just all going to come down to, ‘is this guy going to be serious about his weight?' Everybody has things to work on but for me the big key is to keep my weight down and stay in shape."

SA; on his preference of playing tackle or guard:

"I would have to say right now I love guard because it's so to the point and physical. I am a big guy and I love going against bigger guys and at tackle you have to chase little guys around while they are swatting at you. I just love the physicality that the guard position brings."

SA; on how having a signed deal going into training camp makes him feel:

"It's sweet man. To have it done at this point of time in the off-season where I can go away with the month off to Miami, get in the heat and just fine tune myself. That situation is done and it was a great situation. I am just looking forward to getting into training camp and kicking butt."

AR; on any chance of Andrews between now and 2015 playing tackle:

"Right now he's going to concentrate on guard and do a heck of a job there."

AR; on how it feels to have so many young players signed:

"I mentioned earlier, there is no one who does that better than Joe and he has done that over the years since I have been here. From a coaching standpoint, from the coaching staff, we enjoy that. It's a plus. It gives these young guys an opportunity to develop and also financial security for the rest of their lives. That's a tremendous thing. It's a win-win for both sides and from a pure coaching standpoint we appreciate that."

SA; on how his rehab and hard work are paying off:

"Well there is a saying that goes good things comes to those who wait but only the leftovers from those who got out and worked hard. You work hard and you reap the benefits. I see this as a great opportunity for myself and the organization because I love to be here and being happy with the situation you have and the contract. They won't have any problems out of Shawn Andrews."

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