Reid: "Pleased with what I saw"

There is still more than a month until the Eagles hit Lehigh for training camp, but the preliminary workouts have gone well. Andy Reid wrapped up passing camp on Thursday pleased with what he saw and looking forward to Lehigh.

"Good to finish up the camp. I was pleased with what I saw," is how Andy Reid summarized the Eagles just completed camp. For eight days over two weeks, the Eagles went through their paces, albeit at a slower, non-contact pace than what will be the norm. "We had great progress by those young guys, and the veteran guys were in the right frame of mind. They got out, they got after it, and they challenged each other."

Reid was also happy that they accomplished another key part of camp; stay healthy. "we finished up healthy and feel very good about going into training camp. I think the guys are looking forward to getting into training camp and finally getting the pads on and banging around a little bit." Of course, health is a relative term with the Eagles, but there was some progress with some of the injured players. "Jeremy Bloom has a hamstring strain and did not practice today. Buck [RB Correll Buckhalter] did not practice today, but is making progress. He is doing some change of direction stuff and looks like he's able to push off that leg a little bit better than he was. [CB] Lito Sheppard actually took some reps today. He took two of the team periods and a little bit of the seven on seven. He did a nice job there. [T] William Thomas did not do the live periods."

Buckhalter is a major issue and Reid still isn't sure that he'll be able to go when training camp rolls around. "Like I said he is further ahead than what he was before. It is his second surgery there so we have to feel very comfortable with how he feels. It's one of those day-to-day situations. We start up here in a month, so we need to see how much progress he makes in a month," said Reid. While Buckhalter is progressing, Reid admitted that there are concerns about his long-term health and admitted that he will need to go a little lighter on Buckhalter. "Yeah, again being his second surgery. I told you before the chances were slim for him coming back after the second one and he has made great progress. Not being a doctor here, but I would imagine after a third one, you certainly don't want to push it in that direction."

Reid had much more optimism for the return of Lito Sheppard. "You know what he looked pretty good today and I think that's important. I thought it was important that these last couple days, that he got a little work in. He did a little bit yesterday, and did some more today. He felt pretty good today actually and probably could have taken every period. I backed off on him, but just getting that speed back. He will be one of the veteran players that comes in early with the rookies, so he will catch a couple extra days there of work and he should be ok."

Chris Gocong was one of the young players that made an impression on Reid in the early going. "He did a nice job with the short period of time he was here, he did make progress and again, I think that first three days of training camp will be beneficial to him where he can get in and get some reps," expressed Reid.

Reid plans on taking a couple of weeks off between now and training camp and plans on simply enjoying life. Once training camp hits though, he believes that there will be a lot of competition for spots. "Some of the early years there was a tremendous amount of competition I thought and then you could pick out certain positions throughout the years here that haven't been. But probably overall this is going to be like the first couple years."

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