Press Conference Quotes: Correll Buckhalter

The Eagles removed Correll Buckhalter from the Physically Unable to Perform list Monday. Shortly after that news came out, Buckhalter talked to the media about the injury, this season and his future in the NFL.

On how meaningful it was to be back at practice:

"It was very meaningful. Basically - Coach Reid- the things he had me doing was pretty much what I do in practice. Actually, it was a little tougher. It was a great test for me. I feel very blessed, very fortunate, to be able to sustain two knee injuries to one leg and be able to come back and work myself back on the field."

On how he feels after today:

"I feel great. I just have to stay on top of it, icing it; make sure I keep doing the things in the weight room that keep me strong. I just feel blessed."

On what it felt like to be back:

"Like I said before, I just feel blessed. I put a lot of work into it. The trainer, Rick Burkholder, did a great job with me from January on through July. We put a lot of work in. They say hard work pays off and I worked pretty hard to get back to the point that I am now."

On whether the goal was to get back to practice or if being ready for opening day is what drives him:

"It drives me a lot. One thing I love to do is play football. I told myself whatever it takes for me to get back on the field; I was going to do that. The odds were against me [to] ever play football again. I went against those odds and I'm going to keep working hard. I'm not just going to stop here. I'm going to continue to do the things in the weight room, on the field to make me better and to help my team win."

On Reid saying the numbers are up at running back this season and if that makes the comeback tougher:

"That's really not my concern. I know what I can do on the field when I'm healthy. I know I can bring a lot to this team to help us win games. I'm not worried about who's in front of me or who's behind me I'm just worried about what I have to do on the field to help this team win."

On when he was given the go-ahead to return to practice:

"After Sunday morning working out with Coach Reid, he had me jumping over the bag, [was] hitting me with a bag, doing all those things. [There] was pretty much nothing else we really could do. The next step was to get on the field and practice. After me and him and [Burkholder] sat down and talked we decided I could come out to practice."

On if he got more comfortable each day during the workouts with Reid:

"I felt myself - as the days progressed - I just felt myself planting on that leg and not even thinking about it, just reacting. The head man was out there with me so I had to do my best if I wanted to get back on the field. I didn't think about it I just reacted and did everything they asked me to do."

On if the surgery was ACL reconstruction:

"No, Patellar tendon."

On if there is any tentativeness:

"When you have a lot of faith in God, when you are out there you don't have the tentativeness or the feeling of being nervous. You just go out there and play. That's something that I never thought about whenever I would sustain injuries. Getting out on the field and thinking negative, because when you think negative, negative things happen to you so I'm a positive thinking person. I work hard and it pays off."

On how [RB] Brian Westbrook pushed him and was there for him:

"It means a lot. Me and [Westbrook ] go all the way back to when he first got drafted in 2002. I think, me and him are out there together, we kind of push each other, we kind of critique each other. Having him in my corner really helps me a lot. I think, with me in his corner helps him a lot. He sees things that I don't see and I see things that he doesn't see and we comeback together and elaborate on it and we try to get better."

On the surgery and if other guys have the same situation:

"Not that I know of. I know this time Dr. [James] Andrews; he put a wire around my kneecap to hold it down. Matter of fact, it is still in there now. But, you really can't tell that wire is in there unless you have an X-ray."

On how important it was to have Reid be there for him during the tough times:

"I owe a great deal of thanks to Coach Reid and the Eagles organization for just standing by me and sticking with me through all this. I owe a great deal to him. He really has faith in me and I appreciate that and I'm going to continue to do the things on the field to help this team win."

On why he thinks they have stuck by him:

"I don't know. I can't really answer that question. I know that I work hard. I know they know that I am a hard working man and I don't cause any disruption. I just do the things that they ask of me and a little bit more."

On if he is the back he was two years ago:

"Actually, I feel better. I'm a lot lighter. I feel a lot quicker and more explosive then two years ago. I think that's a big plus for me. Usually, I come in about 225 [lbs.] but now I weigh about 215 [lbs.]. That takes a lot of pressure off my knee. So, it makes me feel a little quicker and a little more explosive."

On if that has to do with working out all the time:

"Just rehabbing, working out a lot and dieting. Those [were] the three key things to get me to where I am right now."

On if he can be the player he was in 2003:

"I feel better than that."

On if he can stick that knee into danger and if there is a psychological part to that:

"I think a big test was Sunday morning when coach Reid had the big bag. He told me when I come through, or by him, he was going to throw the bag at me but I didn't know he was going to throw it as hard as he did. He threw it pretty hard. I had to jump a little bit and when I jumped I landed straight on my right leg. It just felt normal and I kept my balance and kept on running."

On if he needed that:

"Yeah, I needed that. That was great test for me, I think."

On if there is any doubt in his mind that he will be part of this rotation:

"No doubt in my mind. I didn't put all this work in for nothing. [Burkholder] did a great job with me from day one, since I came out of surgery. We put in a lot of work. So, I'm looking forward to being in the rotation and playing this year."

On if he can take any hits because of the wire on his kneecap:

"I can get the wire taken out at any time. I'm just keeping it in right now because it's not bothering me. If it ever were to bother me [Dr.Andrews] could take it out and I still would be fine. But the wire's not bothering me so it will stay in there."

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