Gaffney Charged With Weapons Offense

Well, forget an uneventful camp. Eagles wide receiver Jabar Gaffney was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon after a traffic stop. The event happened June 20th in New Jersey when police observed a handgun in Gaffney's car.

Police stopped Jabar Gaffney for improper passing after an incident June 20th and spotted a handgun in the glove compartment of Gaffney's car. The charges were just announced today after an investigation by New Jersey State Police.

The gun was registered, but not in New Jersey. Gaffney has the gun registered in Texas, which is his home state, making it illegal for him to carry the weapon in New Jersey. "He thought that was fine on his move up here. He was pulled over and that is all pending now," said head coach Andy Reid.

The charge carries a maximum prison term of five years, but jail time is rarely ever served on a first offense. Gaffney's attorney is applying for a Pre-Trial Intervention program that would have the charges dropped after Gaffney served a probationary period. The program is for non-violent offenders charged with third and fourth degree offenses. Police reported that Gaffney was forthcoming and cooperative during the stop.

If there is any levity from the situation, it came at Andy Reid's press conference on Friday when he talked about the charges. "Jabar isn't the type of guy I'm too worried about. He's a pretty straight shooter," said Reid. After reporters chuckled at the comment, Reid added "no pun intended." Reid said he would wait to see how the case plays out before he would decide if any team punishment was called for.

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