Press Conference Transcript: Andy Reid

With the heatwave gripping Eagles training camp, the birds are battling more than just each other as they prepare for Sunday's Hall of Fame game against Oakland. Andy Reid talks about getting ready for the game, injuries, Brodrick Bunkley and more.


"[WR] Reggie Brown, again, missed practice with his hamstring spasm. [DT] Ed Jasper had some low back spasms. [RB] Bruce Perry has some low back spasms. [WR] Jason Avant is getting better. We will just see how he does here in the next couple days. [WR] Jeremy Bloom is getting better. [FB] Jason Davis, we are going to have him see a hand specialist and he won't be able to do that until tomorrow. I had mentioned before, I thought we might be able to cast it up and get him back out here, but we feel that we need to see a hand specialist before we do that. [WR] Derrick Fenner has a hamstring strain. [RB] Ryan Moats is getting better, but, again, it's going to be a few more days. Again, we thought he was making progress there, but his change of direction, he is struggling a little bit with that. So we are going to give him a few more days here. [TE] L.J. Smith will be a couple days and then he will be back out. [WR] Todd Pinkston came out and tried to do some stuff. He couldn't do it; he had some good work yesterday. He didn't get anything done today and he will continue to rehab."

"All and all, it was a good practice. We've got a number of guys nicked up, which is normal in training camp and you just push through it. The guys that are out there, they are getting better. And the guys that are missing, obviously, they don't take a step forward; they are taking a step forward in getting rehabbed. I've been pleased with the way the guys have come out and attacked each other, challenged each other, and they are working very hard."

On the competition at outside linebacker:

"It's going good. [LB Matt] McCoy was nicked up a little bit, he worked through that and it looked like he had a pretty good day today. [LB] Dhani [Jones] is working well with that first group and came back in great shape and is doing some good things. [LB Shawn] Barber is a nice addition into the mix. So, it's good competition all the way across there."

On the seriousness of Reggie Brown's injury:

"He's got some tightness in there, but it's not a tear, which is important. But, you take him out here and he starts beating himself up out here and then all of a sudden he tears that thing. You don't want that, then that's a major setback. We are trying to get the spasm out of there and when we get that out of there, then he will be ready to go."

On whether he is concerned with the guys that are getting a lot of reps because of the injuries at receiver and running back and whether he is watching them a little more closely:

"You've got to be smart with it, but it's also good for the young guys to get in and get reps. So, we were down a little bit in numbers at the tailback spot, but [FB] Thomas Tapeh stepped in and did some nice things for us and he is a guy that can play a dual role and we would expect him to be able to do that and he did a very nice job today at both, fullback and tailback."
On the depth at the offensive line and whether it will be hard to make decisions on who to cut:

"That's what you let play out. I'm not forcing issues right now, I'm letting guys get out there and compete and challenge each other and we are grading them everyday. Time will tell through the training camp who the best guys are, but they are working very hard out there."

On who has impressed or surprised him on the offensive line:

"I don't want to pick names out. They are all playing well and battling and some of the young guys are stepping up. Some of the rookie players are stepping up. We are moving guys from right side to left side and having them learn both. They are doing a nice job over there. Our guys are pushing through some nicks and bruises and doing a nice job, so I can't pick one guy out for you."

On whether T Pat McCoy is a guy that has impressed him:

"He was able to get back out there; I still think he's a little bit sore. He had a groin strain and he's working through that, but he's done a nice job. He's one of the young guys that has done a nice job. [G] Max [Jean-Gilles], you know you can go right down with the rookies, [T Winston] Justice, they are all getting better and that's a good thing to see."

On WR Justin Jenkins:

"He's doing a good job, he's working hard. His feet were all blistered up there for a couple days and he's worked through that. He's playing good football; he's catching the football well right now, running good routes."

On offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg saying yesterday that he was concerned about the consistency of the offense in practice:

"Remember, I'm the head coach, so when the offensive coordinator is saying it's not consistent enough there, that means the defense is doing good. Then when the defensive coach says there isn't enough consistency there, that means the offense is doing good. Well, that means that you are becoming a better football team. That means guys are coming out each day and challenging each other. One day one group is beating up on the one group and so on. That's healthy and that's what training camp is all about."

On whether there is anything new on DT Brodrick Bunkley's contract situation and whether he is hopeful that he will get into camp soon:

"I've been hopeful since we started the process, so it isn't done yet and I expect it do get done pretty quickly."

On whether he expects the contract to get done in time for Bunkley to play in the first preseason game:

"We'll see. I don't know that. I have no idea."
On when Bunkley would have to get to camp in order to be able to play in the first preseason game:

"Don't know that. I haven't even thought about that. It's a day to day thing."

On that a lot of the other first round picks in the league have signed deals and gotten into camp:

"Yeah, you're right."
On whether he plans on changing the starting times or the length of practices in the next couple days since it's supposed to get even hotter outside:

"We won't change the practice time, what time we start practice, and we will see how the weather goes. If it does get too warm we'll cut it back a little bit, but we'll see how it goes. Make sure you guys [the media] stay in the tent, drink a lot of water."

On whether he has spoken with Bunkley recently:


On whether he is concerned that Pinkston isn't able to stay out on the field in practice:

"He wasn't able to work in the minicamps. Normally if they work in the minicamps, then they come out here and all of that is sorted out. So, coming into this, yeah, we anticipated that it would be up and down a little bit. We will just see how it goes. If he's sore and swollen, then we've got to back off. As frustrating as it is for him, he's going to have to do that. And then when the swelling get down, he'll go play."

On whether today is as confident as he's been that Bunkley will get into camp this week:

"No, not necessarily."

On whether fights between teammates are just a result of the intensity of practices at training camp and the heat:

"Yeah, they are hot and they are bothered and things happen. I don't want it to be a habit, but things happen, so be it. There is going to be a little blow up here and there, as long as it doesn't escalate off this field and into the locker room, I'm good with it. But, I don't want it to turn into a boxing match out here. But, things will happen and I understand that."

On whether he saw the rift yesterday between G/C Trey Darilek and LB/DE Trent Cole:

"I caught it out of the corner of my eye."

On what he gets out of watching the one-on-one linemen drills:

"To see if the guys can block and to see if they can rush the passer."

On whether guys can win a job on the team just based on their performance in one-on-one drills:

"No. You take everything into consideration and then you can see sometimes, some guys can rush the passer, but when there's a run/pass option coming at them, they are not quite as good at rushing the passer in a game situation. So, when it's set up for you in a one-on-one, you've got to take that into consideration, likewise with the offensive linemen. They've got to be able to give the defensive linemen a little different look every time and you don't always get that in the one-on-ones."

On whether he is still confident that Pinkston will be okay long term:

"I think he is, I don't know that. I'm not going to read through a crystal ball here, I'm not going to predict anything for you. I'm taking it day by day with him, but we think he's going to be alright."

On RB Reno Mahe being a reliable running back:

"Yeah, Reno does a nice job. He's a good football player, not the biggest, not the fastest, not the strongest, just a good football player."

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