Eagles Fighting Heat Wave At Lehigh

There is a fine line between getting in as much work as possible and doing too much in the sweltering heat of early August. A heatwave that is gripping the Lehigh Valley and much of the East Coast is also gripping the Eagles.

They're called Cool Clads and they're all the rage at Eagles camp. They basically resemble a bullet-proof vest, only these come with a different kind of protection; protection from the heat. The "Cools" are stored in ice water and removed just before a sweaty, over-heated player removes his uniform jersey and is ready to have one applied. The ice water soaked jacket is then put on and the players face grimaces from the initial shock only to welcome the immediate cooling.
Shawn Andrews reacts to donning a "Cool Clad" at Eagles practice. The jackets help players get quick relief from the sweltering heat at Lehigh University.
(AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy)

Temperatures pushing 100 degrees make any sort of activity difficult and when they're combined with sweltering humidity levels, football practice is nearly impossible and definitely dangerous. That's why Andy Reid and other coaches spend a good chunk of their time pushing players toward the Cool Clads, fans and water for any sort of cooling with every opportunity.

Among the sweltering, the Eagles have gotten their work in as best as possible. Correll Buckhalter returned to practice and survived a vicious hit by Lito Sheppard. It was one of those moments when you held your breath, but came away satisfied that Buckhalter took a solid hit and didn't crack. Reno Mahe continues to impress, as does young wide receiver Hank Baskett. The two have become fan favorites and have impressed coaches, but still have a long way to go to have any chance of seeing substantial playing time.

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