Eagles Game Plan

Eagles coach Andy Reid isn't looking for anything detailed or fancy from his players in Sunday night's matchup with Oakland. On Saturday, Reid outlined his plans for who will play and how much when the birds take part in the Hall of Fame matchup with the Raiders.

The biggest news out of Andy Reid's meeting with the media on Saturday was that Hank Baskett will in fact play with the first team on Sunday night. Reid said that seeing Baskett and the other young players on the team in game situations is the best part of pre-season.

"That's the fun part of the pre-season is giving those young guys an opportunity to play and see what they are all about," said Reid. "And that's what we are going to do; we'll do that throughout the pre-season."

Baskett has become somewhat of a cult hero at Lehigh and his cheering section has been growing throughout camp, and with good reason. Baskett has had a strong camp and has made some acrobatic catches that have impressed both the fans and the coaches.

While Baskett has been perhaps the biggest surprise in camp, there are others who have caught the coaches eye. "You probably have to throw [WR Bill] Sampy into that mix. He's doing a nice job out there. I'd need my roster in front of me here to tell you the rest. You know what, [C Nick] Cole has done a nice job," said Reid.

Who Won't Play Sunday:

Running Backs: Correll Buckhalter & Ryan Moats

Full Backs: Jason Davis

Wide Receivers: Jeremy Bloom, Derrick Fenner and Todd Pinkston.

Linebackers: Chris Gocong

Safeties: Quintin Mikell

Corner Backs: Donald Strickland

As for how long the regulars will play, don't expect much. Reid said that in the pre-season opener and the pre-season finale on September 1st, most of the regulars won't see much action. Throughout the pre-season though, Reid does want to see something from his regulars. "It's important that the offensive line, that they get their reps together, there are a couple new faces in there and then that the receivers, that they get on the same page with Donovan," explained Reid. And then defensively, the fellas have played together awhile, what they get to do is get that communication in the secondary worked out and you get a chance to see [LB] Matt McCoy get in there and play with the ones and [DE] Darren Howard."

Reid believes that his team has worked well in camp and now, it's just a matter of putting what they've learned into their practices and stepping it all up a notch. "Again, you are looking at the young guys and the opportunity there. From the veterans, you are looking for execution and to get back used to doing things full speed, game speed I should say, not full speed, they've been doing full speed out here. But, that game speed, when they are a little bit fresher than what they are out here by the time we get to team periods."

What else Andy Reid had to say...

Opening Remarks:

"Very simple rotation, I'll give you the quarterbacks and everybody else kind of follows that. The one's will play a quarter, the two's will play a quarter, the three's will play a quarter, and then the four's will play a quarter. Very simple and then the defense will do the same thing. The one's will play a quarter, the two's, and so on. They will all follow that rotation."

On which players traveled to Canton early to see former Eagles DE Reggie White's induction to the Hall of Fame:

"There were eight guys. You have [K David] Akers, [TE/LS Mike] Bartrum, [DE] Jevon [Kearse], [QB] Donovan [McNabb], [FS Brian] Dawkins, [LB] Jeremiah] Trotter, and both of the tackles, offensive tackles [Jon Runyan and William Thomas]."

On whether those players went to Canton early because it was important that the organization recognizes Reggie's induction:

"Absolutely. It's a great honor and it's a compliment to Jeffery [Lurie]. Jeffery took them down on his plane and he went with them. We wanted to make sure that Reggie is represented by the Philadelphia Eagles and that all starts with Jeff Lurie."

On whether they went to Canton last night or this morning:

"They left this morning."

On whether getting to see the young guys play makes having an extra preseason game a positive thing:

"That's the way you look at it, yeah. Obviously, the first group won't play much this game and they won't play much the last game, so they are going to get their work in between. In the mean time, you get the young guys in there; you see what they can do."

On whether it is more difficult to prepare to play Oakland because their head coach and offensive coordinator were not there when they last played them in 1994:

"You go off of what they have done in the past and then their defensive staff was basically kept in tact. They aren't going to show everything that they are going to show during the season and we aren't going to show everything, so it's mainly an opportunity to get these guys out here, they get a chance to hit other people, besides their own group and during the game, everything is a little bit faster. So, you get your timing down, I don't think either one of us are going to try to trick each other. We are just going to go play football and see what our guys can do."

On whether he will be starting two tight ends, halfbacks, or fullbacks:

"I'll mix it."

On whether it's important for Smith, Schobel, and Westbrook to step up with all of the inexperience at the receiver position:

"They are good football players and we know what two of the three can do and we think we know what Matt can do, so it's a matter of getting in there and doing it."

On the recent hot weather and what it says about the players' conditioning, that most of them were able to work through it:

"I mentioned that they came back in great shape, but you don't know until they hit that heat and they knuckled down and went through it, man. I mean, that wasn't an easy week there. So, they didn't complain, some of them didn't quite make it, but the majority of them did and you've got to compliment them on that. That's why yesterday I gave them, the morning was a 10/10/10 practice. I just really respected the work they put in the last couple of weeks and the attitude that they came back here with."


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