Hall of Fame Photos and Post-Game Comments

WarNest.com takes a look at the Eagles preseason opener with game photos and post-game comments from the players.

Donovan McNabb

On whether he felt like he had anything to prove out there:

"We came with a different attitude. This is something that's serious for us. We were prepared to come out and have a good showing. This preseason is something that we're going to take very serious. We're going to try to take steps forward to get ready for Houston [the first game of the season]. We're going to go into practice with a full head of steam so we come out here ready to play in a game situation. It's going to be a lot of fun."

On what it meant to him to be here at the Hall of Fame this weekend and to be able to play in the game:

"This game is serious. This is something that's emotional for me because I get a chance to be with the Hall of Famers. One of my idols, Warren Moon, he was inducted. I got a chance to see Reggie White's wife, Sara, which is always a great experience for me. But, to come here and play well on national tv is obviously something that we're enjoying right now."

Brian Westbrook

On whether he feels that it was important for him to go out there and set the tone for the running game early even though it's a preseason game:

"I think as an offensive unit we're out there trying to prove we can run the ball. We practiced it a lot and have done a decent job in practice. We just want to continue to do the things that we've practiced. We've done a great job in practice and we've got to keep fighting and do an even better job in the game."

On what it meant being at the Hall of Fame this weekend and whether playing in this game had any special meaning for him:

"It feels great because when I sat in listened to all of the Hall of Fame speeches, those guys worked so hard and the Hall recognized the dedication they've used to persevere. Watching these guys be the best in the game, it's the same thing that I strive to do and I strive to be."

Jeremiah Trotter

On what it meant to him to be at the Hall of Fame this weekend and to be able to play in the game:

"It was a privilege just to be out here and experience the ceremony and just listen to some of the guys speeches, how they got started, thanking all of their friends and family. And even though they were getting inducted, they were getting the award, it was about the people that helped them get there. It was their friends and family, coaches and players and that's what it's all about."

Darren Howard

On what it was like being out there with his new team today:

"It was exciting and it was exhilarating to get out there and get that fresh start. It's a new situation, new teammates, and I'm going against some of my old teammates. It was important for us to set the tone and I think we did that. It went fast, but we did what we had to do when we were in there."

On whether he thinks he can contribute to the Eagles defensive line in becoming one of the best units in the NFL:

"We'll see how the season goes. Right now we're looking pretty good. Everybody's quick, fast and strong and we're going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of offensive lines. But, we'll let the season decide how good we can be and how good we're going to do."

Reno Mahe had a nice night, carrying the ball eight times and catching three passes.
David Akers set a Hall of Fame game record with a 55 yard field goal. Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski also hit on field goals of 51 and 50 yards in the game.
A scary moment. Bruce Perry was carried from the field on a stretcher late in the game. X-rays and a CT Scan both came back negative and Perry was diagnosed with a concussion, but no other, more severe injuries.

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