Bunkley: "It was time to get into camp."

Perhaps the best advice that Brodrick Bunkley got during his holdout came from a 12 year old girl; "You gotta get into camp," said the kid. Bunkley is glad that the money talk is over and that he's in camp.

"You see a 12 year old girl tell you that you need to be in camp, that's when things start to get kind of crazy," admits Brodrick Bunkley. That's exactly what happened as he was hanging out at his uncle's barber shop in Tampa, Florida. Not long after, Bunkley and his agent heeded the advice and Bunkley was in full pads at Lehigh Tuesday for his first official workout with the Eagles.

Bunkley says that teammates gave him some good natured ribbing, but that all is okay in the locker room. "Guys were tellin' me it was my fault we were in pads today," joked Bunkley. "Everybody was cool and welcoming today."

As for learning the playbook, Bunkley says that will come. "You really can't tell [how well you know the playbook] until you get out here with other guys," said Bunkley. "Today was my first day in pads and I fared pretty well today." Bunkley said that the true test will come when he gets to play in his first pre-season game, but he's not sure when that will be. Bunkley isn't sure if he'll play in Thursday night's game against Cleveland, but said that he will be meeting one-on-one with Andy Reid and that's likely to come up. "I'm a little nervous. There's something about Andy. He's the greatest guy in the world, but he has that look that's just intimidating, but we'll see. I think it will go well."

Bunkley spent some time in Tallahassee working out with some former teammates, doing his best to stay in shape during his time away from the team. While his personal workouts were strenuous in the Florida heat, he realizes that he missed some important time in camp. However, Bunkley feels that he's not as far behind as some might think.

"Coming from a premier program like Florida State, you have to play fast," said Bunkley. "I talked to a lot of guys that played in the Hall of Fame game and they said it was the same difference. If you know how to play, you just go out there and play."

The history of holdouts isn't great. NFL history is littered with many supposed greats who fell flat after training camp holdouts, but Bunkley believes it comes down to one thing; can you play football? "If you know how to play football, you just have to get out there and do what you do. I just can't wait to get out there on that field."

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