Press Conference Transcript: Brodrick Bunkley

Brodrick Bunkley's first day in camp went well by all accounts. After the morning practice, Bunkley took questions from the media and we've got the full transcript for our premium users. Plus, a look at his day through the photographs of AP Photographer Rusty Kennedy.

On whether he feels like holding out of camp was worth it:

"You know, everything got settled and my agent [Gary Wichard], he's been doing his job for 25 years now and every guy I talked to, he worked with a couple of my teammates, he's [DE] Darren Howard's agent and they love him. So, I just trusted him that would do his job and everything got settled and we are all here now."

On whether he is happy with the terms of his contract:

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. I just wanted to get out on the field and play, you know, I was just hoping things would get worked out as soon as possible and eventually they did. So, its time to get ahead and start the show."

On whether he felt like he was behind his teammates at practice today:

"We only went over a dab of the playbook today and the plays that we did go over today; luckily, it was a simple day today. So, a couple of the plays I did; I did recall, so we'll see. I get more into the playbook tonight and for the next couple days and get back on track."

On whether he got anxious waiting to sign:

"It was kind of touch, just living day by day, not knowing when you were going to report. I remember I was just walking and this girl came up to me and, I guess, she knew a thing about football, she had to be like 12-13 years old, and told me I need to get into camp. And between that and my parents, they were worried what was going on. But, like I said, I'm happy to be here and everything got settled and I'm ready to get the season started."

On where he was approached by the girl that he mentioned:

"I was in the barber shop, my uncle, he has his own barber shop and it's a lot of football talk there. I'm well known around the shop…You know, you see a 12 year old telling you, you need to get into camp, it was kind of wild (laughing). But, that's when things started to get real crazy."

On what city the barber shop was in:

"Tampa, Florida."

On whether he can measure where he is and where he wants to be physically:

"You really can't tell until you get into that game time situation. I mean, you get a feel of it out here at practice, working with the other guys, but I can't wait to get back into football shape. Today we had my first day in pads and I faired pretty well today, so we just wait until the first preseason game for me comes around and we will see what happens."

On what he did to stay in shape:
"I just ran around the block. You know, you are messing around with Florida heat; it gets pretty hot down there, so you can get some good workouts in. But, ran around the block, did a couple sprints every now and then, and worked out at various gyms."

On whether he went to Tallahassee at all:

"Yeah, actually, my first couple of weeks back home, I went to Tallahassee and worked out with a couple of ex-teammates, you know, [LB] Ernie Simms, [LB] Sam McGrew,  [FS] Pat Watkins, we were a tight-knit group and we just worked out everyday and pushed each other and got into shape."

On whether he got a feel for the difference in the speed of the game between the college and pro level after his first practice in pads today:

"Coming from a premier program out of Florida State, you just have to play fast and when you play fast, the game slows down a lot. I talked to a lot of guys who played in the Hall of Fame game, they said it was the same difference; if you know how to play, you go out there and play and it's the same thing. So, I can't wait to see how it is on the field. I will wait until I get to my first game, but we will see what happens."

On whether he will play in the game on Thursday:

"Right now, it's undecided, but, you know, there is no telling."

On how the Eagles players reacted to him today:

"They told me horror stories, they were like, 'Oh, yeah, I know you came in just in time' and guys were telling me that it was my fault we were in pads today (jokingly) and things like that. But, everybody was cool and welcoming today."

On head coach Andy Reid saying in an earlier press conference that guys at his position who have held out in the past as a rookie have not been that successful:

"You basically just have to keep your head in the playbook. If you know how to play football, you know how to play football. So, it's just getting the mental part down. So, once you just know that you have to spend extra time studying while other guys are chilling and relaxing, you have to spend your time in the playbook. So, there is some catching up to do and I think I'll be fine."

On whether it was brought to his attention that Andy Reid said that people at his position in the past have not done well after holding out as a rookie:

"Yeah, it was. I heard some things and some guys called me with some stuff, like 8 out of 11 people who hold out, something, are unsuccessful in the league or something like that. But, if you know how to play football, you just got to go out there and do what you do. I just can't wait to get on that field."

On DE Jerome McDougle's similar situation in the past and whether he talked to him at all about it:

"Yeah, I talked to him and he was just like, man, it's pretty much a business thing and you are always going to get your chance to play. You are going to have your chance to shine, just make sure you have to do business first and then you get out there."

On what his expectations are for the season and the rotation of the defensive line:

"That's something we will have to determine as the preseason goes on and I finally get some reps in a game."

On whether he has talked to Andy Reid:

"I still haven't talked to him one on one. I'm assuming it's going to happen sometime today or tomorrow. So, I'm a little nervous. There's something about Andy, he's the greatest guy in the world, but he has that look that's just intimidating, but we'll see. I think it will go well though."

On whether he is concerned about injuries at all since he is being thrown into training with guys who have been at camp and progressed together for the last two weeks:

"That's why I had to train on my time off while I wasn't up here. I expected to come and start practicing and having to get put in the fire with everyone else. You basically just got to be careful. You know, you are behind everyone. Everyone has been practicing, I heard it was hot as I don't know what last week, but you just got to get in and do what you do and fight through. You are going to be in the dog house for a couple of weeks and just fight through it and catch up back to speed."

On whether he ever got so nervous about not being in camp that he just told his agent to get it done:

"It's a new situation. Like I said, I trusted Gary; he was doing a good job. I was hearing, I talked to every recruit, [they were] telling me that he's a great guy, I have a great agent. He's been doing a great job for 25 years. We have a great relationship, so I just trusted him that he would do the right thing."

On him running with the two's in mini-camp and him working with the third team during practice today:

"It's just out of respect. When you come in and guys who have done the reps at the two spot, you don't want to come in the first day and jump in front of someone in front of the rotation. Like I said, I'm in the position where I am just trying to work my way back up the ladder and get things going and we will see once the preseason games start coming around."

Brodrick Bunkley addresses the media after his first official workout with the Eagles at Lehigh. Bunkley told the media he was glad to have ended his holdout and just wants to focus on football.

Bunkley lost his helmet while going up against Max Jean-Gilles, but it didn't stop him on the play.

Bunkley enjoys a laugh with a teammate during a break at Lehigh. The temperatures were much more moderate than they were last week when the heat index soarde to over 100 degrees.

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