Andy Reid Press Conference Transcript

In his final press conference leading up to Monday night's game against Green Bay, Andy Reid talked about a number of issues; especially about the injuries.

Head Coach Andy Reid Press Conference



Injuries/opening remarks:

"[S] Sean Considine did not practice. He had some soreness in his hip flexor. We'll let that calm down and see how he does tomorrow. [CB] Rod Hood did not practice today with a heel strain. Again, that is a day-to-day situation. [RB] Brian Westbrook did practice, kept it limited, but he was able to go out and do some things for us. We'll see how he feels later on today and tomorrow."

"We look forward to the challenge of playing the Green Bay Packers. It is Monday night football. It will be a very exciting atmosphere. I know our crowd will show up and they'll be extremely loud and aggressive. Any time you're dealing with [Packers QB] Brett Favre and his ability to change plays and mix up the snap count, the crowd becomes a nice factor in there. I know they'll be ready to go."

On whether CB Lito Sheppard practiced:

"Lito practiced today."

On how Sheppard looked at practice:

"He did okay. We'll see how he does here the next couple days."

On whether he has any doubts about any of the guys with injuries being on the field Monday:

"Well, Rod is a little bit like he was last week. We'll just see how he is in the next couple days. Literally, these guys are day-to-day. We'll make that decision as we go here."

On RB Brian Westbrook's situation:

"I think he mentioned to you guys he felt pretty good. We'll see how he does here in the next couple days."

On FS Brian Dawkins situation:

"Brian's fine. He practiced today."

On whether their dime package is affected at all if Considine can't play:

"We'd be okay. We have guys that can come in; just like we did last week when we played San Francisco."

On the mindset of the defense regarding stopping teams on third downs:

"You've got to challenge the quarterback, obviously, with the front guys and you've got to be very aggressive in the secondary. Really, third down is not much different than the other two downs. You have to maintain that mentality as you go. If you stay aggressive throughout the game then you're in good shape."

On the Packers starting two rookie offensive linemen:

"Those two rookies are playing pretty good right now. They protected Brett last week very well. They moved Brett enough to where ; and did some things protection wise ; it helped him out."

On whether any thoughts of their last Monday night appearance motivate them for this Monday night:

"I don't remember what our last Monday night game was to be honest with you. I hope the guys feel the same way. I couldn't tell you which one was our last one."

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