Reid Knows Cowboys Are More Than Just T.O.

Andy Reid knows about all the hype surrounding the return of Terrell Owens to Philadelphia, but he's concerned about more than just Owens. The Eagles coach thinks the Cowboys offense is a force to be reckoned with.

Yes, the Cowboys have Terrell Owens, but they've also got other weapons that Andy Reid is preparing his team to face. "Obviously, it starts up front with a good offensive line, which they have. They have a Pro-Bowl tight end and receivers likewise, a couple of good young running backs and then a veteran quarterback that has been to numerous Pro-Bowls," noted Reid. "They've got a very gifted offense and it is very well balanced."

That balanced offense will be an interesting test for the Eagles defense, which has allowed almost 340 yards per game. Considering that the Cowboys offense ranks sixth in the NFL in yards per game (362 yards per game), it figures that Dallas should be able to put some points on the board.

"I think that you look at the whole offense - and I am not saying it is a problem - but you look at the whole offense and they have good players there. Now, we have good players, too. It should be a great battle between our defense and their offense," said Reid.

The fact that the Eagles secondary - banged up as it is - has practiced against Owens, the Eagles may have a bit of an advantage there. "I think that is true. I know it can't hurt you. I think it was a good experience for all the young guys who had that opportunity," said Reid at his weekly pre-game press conference.

As for the injuries in the secondary, Lito Sheppard figures to be a go for Sunday's game, but Rod Hood is still an issue. "[CB] Rod Hood, we have listed as doubtful with the heel strain and we're taking that day by day and we'll just see how he does here," reported Reid. Hood aggravated the injury by trying to play last week and it's looking more and more like he won't see action against Dallas, especially with Sheppard healthy and ready to return.

The Eagles' offense is still trying to recover from the injuries suffered by Brian Westbrook and Donte Stallworth. Reid isn't sure that either of them will be available against Dallas. Reid said that Stallworth is making progress, but he hasn't practiced this week and is listed as doubtful. Westbrook is evaluated every day to determine whether he can go on that particular day and the plan will be the same on Sunday. There is some concern that Westbrook appears to be making progress one day, only to have significant swelling in his knee the next, but Reid thinks the medical staff is prepared to help Westbrook. "We've had it checked and double checked and so on. We have a pretty good feel of what's going on there. I'm not going to get into all the details, but we have a pretty good feel."

If Westbrook can't go, all eyes will turn to Correll Buckhalter, who fumbled twice against Green Bay Monday night when he took over Westbrook's role. If Buckhalter is the man, Reid will have no problem going to him. "I think the positive coming out of last game was he realized he was juiced up and there were a couple things that didn't happen the way he wanted it to happen," said Reid. "When he settled down there were quite a few things that happened that he saw were pretty positive. I think he'll get himself in that frame of mind and try and maintain that."

What else Andy Reid had to say...

On whether RB Brian Westbrook is doubtful for the game:



On the swelling in his knee:

"It's kind of gone dry and then comes back. It has bounced back and forth. But for the most part we're getting it under control."


On why the swelling goes back and forth:

"We've had it checked and double checked and so on. We have a pretty good feel of what's going on there. I'm not going to get into all the details, but we have a pretty good feel."


On whether receivers do certain things that act as tells that DBs can pick up on:

"They do certain things that I can't tell you, or the other guy ; he'll change them. But there are some things that each receiver has a characteristic."


On whether he can learn more about his team after a game like this than in previous weeks:

"I think you learn every week, I have told you that before. That part won't be different. I think you learn when you win and you learn when you lose. That's where each team develops a personality throughout the season and that is what makes each team unique."


On whether there is any sign of progress with WR Donte Stallworth's injury:

"You know, he is making progress."


On whether it is conceivable that both he and Westbrook could play Sunday:

"We'll see. It's literally a day-to-day thing. We'll see how it goes here."


On whether the short week was a detriment or a positive:

"I don't even worry about that. That's what it is and you move on, whether it is a positive or not. I don't even get into that. We just go do our business and not worry about all that other stuff."


On who will start if Stallworth can't go:

"It will be a combination of guys. It depends on what play we call." 


On what the challenges of trying to cover Cowboys WR Terrell Owens are:

"He's a terrific player as is [WR Terry] Glenn. They've got a couple good ones. And they have a great quarterback. That's a good combination to have. You have to hunker down on them and do your best job, be sound and aggressive."

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